By eToro

Get Ready, Get Set, Go! New gain calculation is here. And more…

The change has come.

A new version of OpenBook has been launched, and it’s all about the way we measure and provide the data and stats of all OpenBook users.

New Gain Formula

We’ve changed the way we calculate the users’ gain based on a much better, transparent and clear formula: The Modified Dietz.
Why did we do it?
Many of you have been asking us about the way we calculate the gain, and we found out that it was very difficult to explain. Our challenge was to find a way to reflect the relative gain, based on your total equity, by incorporating money in & out events into the calculation. It turns out that it’s not an easy task at all…
You can read about the new formula here .
What you should definitely do, is check your updated gain on your user page.
You should also visit the new rankings page, to see the new gain, and you’re sure to find lots of other surprises:

New Rankings

We added important new stats to the rankings:
  • Max Weekly Drawdown – A very powerful insight which shows the biggest weekly loss (gain drop in percentage) during the relevant period. For example: -30% means that the biggest weekly loss (difference between end of week gain and start of week gain) the trader ever had was a 30% loss.
  • Average Exposure – This value (0-100 in percentage) shows the average amount of money that the user is trading on. For example: 100% means that the user is “All in”.
  • Copiers “Trend” – This important stat was first introduced in the portfolio management feature. Next to the amount of copiers you will find a green or red arrow, which represents the “trend” based on the change in the amount of copiers during the last 7 days. Move your mouse over the arrow and you will see how many copiers the user gained or lost.
  • We’ve changed the Profitability Ratio from daily to a weekly basis, so it’s more reflective of the user’s overall performance.
  • Recent activity – Below the user names you can see the date of the user’s last trading activity, as we believe that top performing traders should also be active. Move your mouse over this value and you’ll also see what this most recent activity was.
  • Country – That’s right, country flags are back!
There’s one more thing…

New charts

Take a look at the user charts in your personal profile, which are of course updated based on the new gain calculation.
But there’s more than that: You will notice that we added an additional data series, showing both realized and unrealized equity.
This can be very helpful in learning about the user’s trading behaviour (and of course your own as well…)

Your feedback is important! How do you feel about the changes described above? Are there any other changes that you would like to see implemented to the OpenBook rankings or any other feature? If you’ve already tried the latest version of OpenBook, what was your experience like? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments.


There’s so much more, coming very soon.
Stay tuned!