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The 4 biggest tech companies all gathered under one roof, The Four-Horsemen CopyPortfolio. Secure your position alongside these titans of technology, as they try to prove that not all that goes up will eventually come down. The CopyPortfolio was created and managed by eToro’s investment committee, which periodically re-balances its allocation. ... Show More
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Dear Investor, As part of this CopyFund's investment methodology, it is subject to re-balancing periodically by eToro's Investment Committee. This process may require the closure of some or all of the positions within the CopyFund’s portfolio and the reopening of new positions. Kindly note that no action is required on your behalf. This action will be performed in this portfolio during 2nd/3rd January 2018. The new allocation and asset weight will be automatically adjusted in your portfolio. If you wish to further diversify your portfolio you may wish to add the new CRISPR CopyFund to your watchlist, which will be open to investment on January 8th. We wish you a profitable year ahead. eToro Investment Committee <a href="/people/etoroteam" class="e-link">@eToroTeam</a> ... Show More