Permission management for eToro Connect

The eToro Connect features enable our clients to use their eToro trading platform account to access various other platforms, such as the eToroX Crypto Exchange. For that, certain permissions are required. Below you will find the full list of permissions required (permissions vary from app to app; not all apps require all permissions) and how to manage them:

  • Public profile:
    • Username
    • Full name (unless you opted out)
    • Stats and trading activity
    • Avatar
  • Email address
  • Contact details
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Postcode
    • Country
  • Personal details
    • Birthdate
    • Gender
    • Language
  • Verification level

Managing app permissions

To revoke permissions for a certain app, simply go to your settings screen and switch to the privacy tab, where you will see a list of “Connected apps”. Use the “Revoke” button to remove the relevant app.

Remember: Revoking an app’s permissions may result in login issues to the app. The app may still have access to previously shared data, but will not be able to access new information that might be crucial for login.