eToro Club

To reward our valued clients, we created the eToro Club, an ongoing loyalty programme comprising several levels, each with their own benefits and rewards.


The levels range from Silver to Diamond, depending on your equity:


  • Silver members receive exclusive access to eToro’s in depth market webcasts and a dedicated Customer Success Agent to enhance the Club member experience.

  • Gold members receive the same benefits as the Silver tier as well as access to live webcasts, market analysis updates and an eToro credit line, as well as access to a dedicated account manager.

  • Platinum members receive an array of features, such as no withdrawal fees, access to an exclusive trading signals platform, are entitled to an eToro debit card and much more.

  • Platinum + members get the full range of exclusive benefits and services, including exclusive assets, access to a personal analyst on demand, a Financial Times subscription, invites to Fintech events and sporting matches and much more.

  • Diamond members receive all of the above, are exempt from exchange fees when making non-USD deposits, and will receive invitations to the eToro Diamond Gala event.


To learn more about the requirements and benefits of each level, check out the eToro Club Page.