What is the eToro Club?

The eToro Club is an ongoing loyalty programme for our valued clients, offering a wide range of services and tools to enhance their trading experience.


eToro Club membership is granted automatically to clients with a realised equity of at least $5,000.


There are five levels, ranging from Silver to Diamond. Access to each level is determined by your realised equity and brings additional rewards:


  • Silver tier members receive exclusive access to eToro’s in-depth market webcasts, a dedicated Customer Success Agent to enhance your Club member experience and access to exclusive data- based Copy Portfolios. You will also be eligible to receive an eToro debit card (coming soon).

  • Gold members receive the same offers as the Silver tier as well as access to live webcasts, market analysis updates and an eToro credit line, as well as access to a dedicated account manager.

  • Platinum members receive the same, plus additional, advantages as Gold: no withdrawal fees; free subscription to The Wall Street Journal, access to the Delta PRO app with unlimited exchange and wallet connections, real-time prices, and automatic sync across devices; and our Trading Central signals platform which helps form confident, timely and educated investment decisions.

  • Platinum+ members will receive the full range of offers and services from the previous tiers, plus one-on-one Zoom meetings with their dedicated Account Manager, exclusive access to special sporting and cultural events and much more.

  • As members of our most exclusive tier, Diamond members receive all of the above, plus access to a Financial Times subscription, exemption on exchange fees, and one-on-one Zoom meetings with their dedicated Account Manager. Diamond members are also invited to participate in eToro’s prestigious Diamond events which take place in different locations around the world.


*Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all events have been postponed.


To learn more about the requirements and rewards of each level, check out the eToro Club Page.