Why did my trade close automatically?

A trade may close automatically when the Stop Loss or Take Profit order you set is triggered, or when its contract expires.


Stop Loss and Take Profit are risk management tools that add an extra layer of protection to your investment. They are adjustable orders to close the trade when the market moves a specified amount against or in favor of your position, thus helping you minimize your losses or lock in your profits. 


A few instruments on eToro are subject to a contract that expires on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Any open trades on one of these markets will be closed automatically on the contract’s expiry date. For more information, see our article on Contract Rollover.


When a trade closes for any of these reasons, the invested amount - including any Profit or Loss (P/L) - moves to the available balance of your eToro account.


You can see all your closed trades in your History view and your Account Statement.


Watch our video on the eToro Academy to find out more: