How much does it cost to transfer cryptoassets from my eToro trading account to the eToro Wallet?

Please note that there is both a crypto transfer fee charged by eToro and a blockchain fee.

The eToro fee can be found on our fees page. Since the blockchain is external and variable, we can only give an estimate.

The fees will be debited from the user’s balance in the same asset that is being transferred. For example, if you want to transfer Bitcoin, you will need to have the necessary percentage of Bitcoin available in your balance.

Please note that to create an XRP wallet there is an additional cost of 45 XRP. For example, if you were to transfer 100 XRP from the platform to the wallet, you would receive 55 XRP in your wallet. As a limited time promotion, eToro is waiving the 45 unit fee for the first 25,000 customers or until 31st January 2019. Click here for the promotion's Terms and Conditions.