How do eToro’s charts work?

Each financial instrument has its own chart. This is a valuable tool for tracking and analysing its history and performance.


eToro offers its charts in partnership with TradingView, one of the market leaders in charting and analysis tools.


eToro charts only display the asset’s SELL rate. To determine the BUY rate, you should add the spread to the prices on the chart.


The default view shows each financial instrument's performance using ‘candles’. 


The colour of the candle indicates whether the value of the asset rose or fell over the course of the selected periodicity. By default:

  • Green indicates a rise in price. 
  • Red indicates a fall in price. 

The tips of the vertical lines ('wicks') at the top and bottom of each candle represent the highest and lowest points that the asset reached during the specified time frame. 

If a candle has no wicks, it is because the opening and closing prices are the same. 


Find out how to use the eToro charts and all their functionalities.


You can personalise your chart according to different parameters and settings and implement a more advanced analysis by using ProCharts.



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