What is ‘Pending Close’?

A position can be closed only when the market you are trading is open.

If you click the ‘Close’ button when the market is closed (for example, during weekends or market breaks), this will create an order to close the trade when the market re-opens. The position line will show 'Pending Close' until the market re-opens. The position will then close at the first available rate in the market.

While a position is in ‘Pending Close’ status, you have the option to click the 'Cancel' button in order to keep the position open.

If you stop copying a trader who is trading markets that are closed at that moment, this will create orders to close the copied trades when those markets re-open. The whole copy will stay in ‘Pending Close’ status until all trades within the copy relationship are closed. The funds in the copy will move back to your available balance only once the entire copy is closed. It is not possible to cancel the closure while the copy is in ‘Pending Close’ status.