What is a Margin Trade?

The option to use x2 leverage is available on all crypto trades.

For clients of eToro (UK) Ltd and eToro Aus Capital Pty Ltd, all leveraged positions are CFDs.

From 12 August 2019, for clients of eToro (Europe) Ltd, BUY crypto positions with x2 leverage (excluding copy trading and CopyPortfolio transactions) are secured with the real asset. ‘Margin Trading’ is used to leverage these trades.

It is important to note that whilst you own the underlying asset, the crypto trading experience is effectively the same as CFD trading and the trades are subject to the same system configurations that apply to all other CFD trades on the platform. Overnight fees apply, as specified in our fees page. It is not possible to transfer cryptos bought via Margin Trading from the eToro trading platform to the eToro Wallet.

For more details about Margin Trading, please see our Crypto FAQ.