How can I manage my money (send / receive) with an eToro Money account?

You can receive money into your eToro Money account using different payment methods. These include bank transfer, receiving your salary or transferring available funds from an investment account operated by an eToro affiliate. From time to time, eToro may accept other methods of payment at their sole discretion.

You can use your eToro Money account and card* to make outgoing payments. These include ATM withdrawals and bank transfers. From time to time, eToro may permit various other methods of payment at their sole discretion. For these transactions, you will need to use your account number and sort code in the UK, or your IBAN (SEPA) in the EU.

Transactions made in the UK use Faster Payments, which are practically instant, i.e. a matter of seconds. Payments in the rest of Europe use SEPA, which has two different channels: SEPA Instant (payments are instant but not supported by all banks) and SEPA Credit Transfer (payments may take 2-3 days). Note that there are several factors that may affect payments and can sometimes incur delays.

We also offer Direct Debits in the UK, and are working on offering the same service to EU customers. We will notify EU customers when these services become available.

* Available for UK Club Members only


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