"Unable to open position" error message

If you are receiving the error message "Unable to open position", it may be due to two main reasons:

1. At the moment, our liquidity providers cannot provide a counter trade at the requested rate:

When there is a request to open a position, we send a fulfillment request to our liquidity providers.
In the market, at any point, there are buyers and sellers at different prices, and the liquidity provider looks for the best trade for you. If at your requested price, there are no counter parties that are willing to complete your request, the liquidity provider moves to the next best rate, until the request is fulfilled.
If the process takes longer than 15 seconds, the request gets cancelled by our liquidity provider.
2. The account has reached the maximum exposure for that particular instrument. 


So what can you do to solve this issue?

1. Please try again, sometimes it does the trick!

2. Reduce the set leverage for the position, so that the general exposure for that instrument is reduced and the maximum exposure for the account is not reached.

3. Open a position in a different instrument.