Help Center Copy Trading
What is CopyTrader™?How does eToro calculate and present risk? What is the minimum trade size?What is Copy Stop Loss?Why am I blocked from copying other traders?Does it cost me to copy another trader?How do I stop copying someone?What are Smart Portfolios?What is ‘Pending Close’?Why can't I be copied by other traders? How do I remove cash from a copy?Why are trades not being copied?How do I upgrade my Popular Investor level? What is AUC?How does CopyTrader™ work?Why can’t I close my copy? How can I invest more into an existing copy?What are Copy Dividends?What do the figures in my copy mean?How do I know which traders to copy?How long does it take for trades to be executed in my account once I copy someone?What do I need to apply to the Popular Investor program?What is the Discover People tool?What is ‘Pause Copy’?How do I use the Discover People tool?How is the value of my copy calculated?Which traders can I copy?Can I copy any trader I like?What are the investment limits for CopyTrader?How do I start copying a trader?How can I see how many people copy me?Can I get my traders’ details?What does responsible trading mean?What is the available copy balance?Can I stop others from copying me?Are there any fees related to CopyTrader?If the trader I am copying transfers crypto, what happens to my copied crypto positions?What happens if I copy a trader or invest in a Smart Portfolio after market hours?How does eToro choose the top ranked traders?Can I ask the copied trader for advice or recommendations?How are Smart Portfolio or CopyTrader investments treated when it comes to tax reporting?What type of crypto positions open when I copy someone?Can I copy more than one investor?Can I copy other investors on my virtual portfolio?How do I pause my copy?How can I change the payment method for my Popular Investor payments?