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What is the eToro Account Statement? Do I need to pay taxes on my trades? How can I contact eToro? How do I close my account? How do I change my account details? Which regulation is my account under? Is my money safe in eToro? How can I see my investment history on the web version of eToro? Am I allowed to have more than one account? How do I log out of the account? How do I change my password? How can I contact eToro via Live Chat? What is the eToro Club? Can I use the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS)? What should I do if my account has been blocked? What is staking? How old do I need to be to trade with eToro? How do I change my registered phone number? How do I add funds to my virtual account? Does eToro accept US clients? Where can I find my Position ID? Can I change my username? How do I change my registered email address? Where is eToro located? What is the Maximum number of open trades I can have in my account? How can I submit a complaint? How can I unsubscribe myself from your mailing list? How does eToro hold my money? How do I start? Does eToro offer Islamic accounts? Why is eToro providing tax authorities with my tax details? Can I reopen an eToro account I closed? How can I track my open tickets? Is eToro regulated? How do I change the language on the platform? Does eToro have an Android App? How can I make my account more secure? Where can I find the Terms and Conditions? How do I make my account private? How can I get daily market updates? What is eToro's credits policy? How many followers do I have? How can I see my investment history on the eToro mobile app?