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Why do I need to add funds to open my position? Does eToro pay dividends? How do I set price alerts? How do I close a position? Is eToro blocked in my country? What is leverage? Stop Loss Limitations and Maintenance Margin What are overnight fees? What do I purchase when I buy stocks on eToro? How much tax is deducted from my dividends? Which fees and commissions does eToro have? What is Stop Loss? Trailing Stop Loss What is an order? What is the minimum trade size? What is Take Profit? What is ‘Pending Close’? How do I set the Stop Loss? Can I withdraw my cryptocurrencies from the platform? What is a SELL position? Can I close part of my trade? Do I own my cryptoassets? Can I trade options at eToro? How do I cancel a pending order? What is Negative Balance Protection? What is a margin call? How do I set a limit order? Why did my trade close automatically? What do I purchase when I buy ETFs on eToro? Why don’t you have all stocks like other brokers? How to find stocks in the platform How do I set the Take Profit? What spreads does eToro offer? Can I buy a stock when the market is closed? What is a dividend? How do I calculate the P/L (profit or loss) per trade? What happens if my stock is affected by a corporate event (such as a delisting or merger)? Pending stocks What is a CFD? Is it possible to “short sell” stocks? Does eToro offer MT4? What is staking? Is there a maximum trade size? What is a fractional share? Does eToro allow Scalping? How are the units in a trade calculated? Is it possible to leverage my stocks? What is the Portfolio? What is Copy Stop Loss? How are the rollover fees on Oil and Natural Gas calculated? What do I purchase when I open a position on eToro? What does the Equity represent? What are the market hours? Where can I find my Position ID? Why is there a loss as soon as I open a trade? What is the minimum Stop Loss on cryptocurrencies? Why did my position close due to Contract Rollover (CR)? Why can't I use the Direct Registration System (DRS) to transfer my stocks? Where can I see my dividend payments? How do I set an after hours order? What is One Click Trading? How do I calculate the Pip value? Are BUY and SELL orders executed in real time? What is eToro? What is a Pip? Real Time Stocks What time zone does eToro use on the charts? What is margin? How can I switch between Real and Virtual accounts? What is a Lot? Can my trading actions be limited? Can I buy stocks commission-free? What is a spread? How are the overnight fees on stocks calculated? What is the market range for a limit order? Why does the spread vary? What is an ETF? Stocks What is a Market Gap? What type of Oil does eToro offer? Can daily rollover fees change? Which cryptoassets can I trade on the eToro investment platform? How do I calculate the commission per trade? Can I trade Real Time stocks in Demo? How can I sell something I never bought? What is Forex? What type of crypto positions open when I copy someone? What is a market spike? What is a reverse stock split? What is a stock split? Are there any benefits in buying stocks at eToro? What happens if I copy a trader or invest in a Smart Portfolio after market hours? Why are some instruments like the USD/RUB and/or USD/CNH disabled on occasion? What is LIBOR? Are variable spreads unique to eToro or available across the industry? Are the cryptocurrencies regulated? Why is the risk in real time stock higher than in the FX market? Why should I trade with eToro? What is the Dividend Calendar? Does eToro support hard forks? What is the risk in real time stocks? What is an IPO?