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Dividend Cherry Picks for Friday 29. June 2018 ------------------------------Payout 30. June 2018----------------------------- Good Boy - Bad Boy Edition + NEW European Finest Dividend Cherrys Because the Markets are still so volatile (and may even stay like this troughout 2018) i thought its a good idea to give us some more options to deal with. NEW - Special European Dividend Picks as addition to the US Version (Good Boy - Bad Boy) if available for that given day. These Picks will not recieve a rating so please do your own research as well. Be aware that the European Stock Markets have different opening and closing times. These open at 7 am GMT and close at 14:30 pm GMT so these stocks must be in your portfolio before 14:30 pm GMT each day. <a href="" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a> - Change to your own timezone to check As last picks for this week we present 2 Good Boys, NO Bad Boy and 1 European Cherry. Good Boy: Companys who has a Moderate Buy/Buy/Strong Buy rating and pays dividend per share like written in the list. You could BUY (Long) them and trying to catch the LOWEST price today (buying low – selling high). <a href="/markets/a" class="e-link">$A (Agilent Technologies Inc)</a> – 0,149 per Share – Yearly – 0,97% <a href="/markets/cmcsa" class="e-link">$CMCSA (Comcast Corp)</a> – 0,19 per Share – Yearly – 2,35% Bad Boy: Companys which has a SELL or HOLD rating and are likely to not recover that fast after the dividend gets deducted from the current price. You could SELL (Short) them near to market close or try to catch the HIGHEST possible price today (shorting high – closing low). $ No Company Today European Dividend Cherry Picks: European Companies pay their Dividends once a year. Other than US Stocks which pay mostly quaterly (every 3 month) $ No Company Today I hope you enjoyed yesterdays dividend payouts. As always, dont go wild with your leverage and be aware about the risk involved. The Good Boy (BUY positions) can be closed directly after you got your dividend (next morning after you bought them) and the stock turns green (i set TP to 0,5%) The Bad Boys (Sell positions) have a bit more room but i would set the Take Profit to 1,5 – 2% for zero leverage (4% for x2, 10% for x5 and 20% for x10) I use mostly x2 and I WOULD NOT ADVICE TO USE x10!!! The stock must be in your portfolio at Market close today to be eligible for the dividend tomorrow (payout is next morning around 4am GMT). eToro does only pay 70% of the dividend to keep the price more stable. For SELL positions the dividend gets deducted from your balance. If you belive in the fundamentals of the choosen company, you can also keep the Good Boys for long term in your portfolio. Most US stocks pay dividends quaterly (every 3 month). If you copy me already you must not take any action at all. It´s fully automated. You can sit back an enjoy the show 😉 Happy Weekend <a href="/markets/esp35" class="e-link">$ESP35</a> <a href="/markets/dj30" class="e-link">$DJ30</a> <a href="/people/trendingr7" class="e-link">@TrendingR7</a> ... Show More