Robert Detzner
🔎 Review Week 24 PART 1/3: 🔍 What a tough week is over. Unfortunately I couldn't beat an index this time. Main reason is that one of my larger holdings is down over 30%. @amarc21 -6,16% $SPX500 -5,87% $EUSTX50 -4,43% $NSDQ100 -5,00% You can read what else detailed happened in the portfolio in PART 2 and PART 3. and The sell-off continued into the start of the week last week. Fears about the economy and interest rates pushed prices far down. Wednesday and Thursday were particularly strange. When it appeared that the 0.75% rate hike was already priced in, the market lost twice as much the following day. Friday was a little more relaxed again. Many are probably wondering when prices will stop falling and when to start investing. Nobody can say when the turnaround will come. It depends on too many factors (see below). But the question of when to invest is simple - ALWAYS, weekly or monthly depending on your financial freedom. The biggest mistake is to wait now and try to time the market. An evaluation of the BOA has shown that the best days on the stock exchange come relatively quickly after a strong fall. So the point is that if you mess up your timing, you often miss the best days, and that's the problem. For example, if you had been fully invested since 1930 without timing the market, you would have returned 17.715%, but if you keep missing the best days, you would only have returned 28%. We're talking about almost 100 years here! That is just 0.28% per year. The argument that interest rates will continue to rise and that we are stuck in a deep recession is often heard. That's true, but in the end you miss the right time again and again miss one or a series of the best days. If there are longer sideways phases due to stagflation, that's not bad in my opinion (in terms of investing not trading), because you have enough time to expand your investments bit by bit. The other problem of the timing: When things suddenly go up, many of the "timers" are cautious because they are hoping for a cooldown. If this does not come, you are not invested and will miss everything again. In the end, these are the same people who, when they've missed it all, stay away from the stock market. As promised, let's briefly look at the possible reasons for a trend reversal: The market was way too overvalued, especially in the tech sector. We're getting to a point where we have realistic valuations of the companies. When this point is reached, things can go back to normal. With central banks increasing interest rates, inflation should be fought. No one can say exactly when we will have reached a point where interest rates will be raised sufficiently and maybe even lowered again. Another point are the energy prices, which are economically burdensome for many companies. But even these prices will eventually stop rising and that can also be a turning point. And then there is the Ukraine conflict and its course. I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me this week. Almost every price alarm has sounded and new ones have to be set here. It's a good time to consider a copy. With the achievement of my currently set Take Profits, there is currently a return of 69,92%. If you don't want to miss any info and you want to learn more about my strategy, just put me on your watch list. Does my strategy convince you? Feel free to leave a copy. 🏆 Goal: 10-20% annual return 📊 Asset allocation: 100% stocks 💵 90% with estimated dividends (re-investing) 🏭 high diversification by sector 🌎 spread globally ❎ no leverage - no shorts - no fees 🏃 active trading 🟨Risk Score: 5 (mid-term/long-term goal: 4/3) 🏦 Copy Amount: at least $300 so that everything can be copied (🔝 $2.000+ is better) - I also recommend regular top-ups, as I continue to deposit monthly myself. When you top up, please never copy open trades. ⌛ Duration of copying: at least 6 months, better 12+ months 🤷‍♂️ Copy open trades? Currently yes ⚠️ All information given here does not constitute investment advice or a purchase recommendation! All statements are my generally published opinion. I gained the information from my experiences as a private investor.