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What is pattern day trading? Why can’t I make a stock trade? Why was my trade rejected? What are market hours? Does eToro charge me commissions or other fees on stock trades? How do I buy stock? Will I get a tax statement for my stock trading activity? How do I sell stock? Will I receive dividends for my stock investments on eToro? What is a fractional share? Where can I find stocks on my app? Can I trade crypto and stocks on the same eToro account? What is a day trade? What is NBBO? What is the Fully Paid Securities Lending (FPSL) program? What is a dividend? Do I actually own the stock when I buy it? How do Stop Loss orders work with stocks? What stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds can I invest in? Can I trade stocks in virtual portfolio mode? Can I transfer my stocks from another broker (ACATS)? Can I transfer my stocks to another broker (ACATS)? Can I buy or sell a fraction of a stock? What is the wash sale rule? How do I opt-out of the Fully Paid Securities Lending (FPSL) program? How is the market price of a stock determined? Can I enter orders before or after market hours? How do Set Rate orders work with stocks? How do Take Profit orders work with stocks? What is an ETF? How do I know how long I’ve held a stock position? Are my stock holdings insured? What is a stock split? Is investing in stocks risky? Is there a minimum stock trade amount? What is a reverse stock split? What are corporate actions? Why can’t I access stocks yet? When are stock market holidays? What is a stock? Why can’t I invest in a new initial public offering (IPO)?