Popular Investor Code of Conduct

1. Keep your profile public at all times.

2. For private account enquiries or technical issues please contact Customer Service for assistance. Please do not use eToro OpenBook to discuss anything private.

3. Check your eToro OpenBook notifications frequently to maintain contact with your followers and copiers.

4. Notify eToro Customer Service or Community Agents if you encounter abuse on your wall. Please avoid countering abuse with abuse.

5. Always represent your trading activity truthfully in the eToro OpenBook.

6. As a Community Leader of eToro, please do not promote competitors or solicit users to leave eToro.

7. Do not promise profitability and do not represent yourself as a Financial Expert or a Professional Trader.

8. Losses are a part of trading, it is a great opportunity to share your thoughts with your community.

9. Please notify the community if you are going to take a break, so they will know what to expect. Real people are copying you with their real money.

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