New Financial Instruments Available on eToro

There are numerous opportunities to trade and invest on eToro - so don’t miss out on the chance to build a portfolio which spans various financial asset classes. We are constantly adding new assets to enable you to diversify your portfolio, utilize the full potential of CFD trading, and seize every opportunity these markets have to offer.

eToro offers a variety of financial assets to trade and invest in, across five classes, to enable you to diversify your portfolio. Financial instruments are available in the stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs and indices categories.

Get to know the different financial instruments, improve your trading and investing skills, and learn how to reduce risk and what it takes to make a profit. Keeping your portfolio diverse, and including assets from various financial markets is a good way to add stability to your portfolio and could protect you from loss, while increasing chances of making a profit.


The biggest exchange market in the world, global currency trade has a daily trade volume of more than $5 trillion. The foreign currency exchange market is extremely dynamic and volatile, which is why it is so popular among traders. Many transactions are done in high volume and some are opened and closed within minutes or even seconds.

Some 95% of all of the world’s currencies are digital. Currency traders look to profit from the smallest movements, therefore, they often use significant leverage when trading. While leveraging is a good way to significantly multiply earnings from a successful transaction, it is a double-edged sword, since losses are also leveraged. Currency prices could be affected by various financial reports and calendar events. For example, the USD is often volatile around the time of the US Non-Farm Payroll report which is released monthly.

While the bulk of the currency market consists of different countries’ currencies, newer forms of payments, such as cryptocurrency Bitcoin are also gradually becoming more dominant in the market. These currencies are less affected by events relating to a specific country, so some traders consider them to be a new form of safe-haven assets.

Since the currency market is so volatile, many currency traders add several currency pairs to their portfolio, either of the same currency against several other (such as USD/EUR, USD/JPY, etc.) or different pairs - as means of spreading out their risk.

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Currencies Symbol Date Added


The exchange of commodities is the most ancient form of trade known to man. Therefore, while we’re in the digital age, commodities still have a physical representation in the real world. The commodities market includes such raw materials as oil, gold, and silver, which are available on eToro via CFD trading.

Since commodities are real-world assets, they are often affected by real-world events. For example, an increase in oil stockpiles could drive oil prices down, while a sudden shortage could send prices in the other direction. Those who wish to trade and invest in oil need to be aware of these opportunities.

Alternatively, some commodities are commonly used as a hedging tool. Gold is known as a safe-haven asset, since it is not as volatile as currencies. Therefore, it is often in high demand during times of uncertainty in the currency market. Other precious metals are also used for similar purposes, and it is not unlikely to see an uptick in silver, copper, platinum, and palladium prices when the currency market is volatile.

To add stability to their commodities portfolio, some traders opt to invest in various commodities, rather than choose just one.

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Commodities Symbol Date Added


Every major stock exchange has indices, which reflect a certain segment of the market. Each index consists of various stocks from a specific category, and can often reflect a specific market’s health. For example, the NASDAQ index on Wall Street consists of leading technology companies, including Facebook, Apple, and Google. While you cannot actually buy a piece of an index, investing and trading indices on eToro is made available via CFDs.

Each index can be affected by its individual components, or general market trends. If a major company such as Apple sees a significant increase in its share price, this could drive the entire NASDAQ index up. Alternatively, if the tech market is in turmoil due to a cross-industry event such as the sudden lack of a key raw material, or new legislation, this could drive the index down.

Since each index consists of a variety of assets, it is considered a stabler investment opportunity. Some indices have a positive correlation with their corresponding local currency, while others have a negative correlation. The Japanese Nikkei is a good example: Since Japan’s economy relies heavily on exports, when its currency the Yen is down - it benefits Japanese companies, and could drive the index up.

Since indices often relate to each other (especially those who are traded on the same stock exchange such as the Dow Jones and S&P 500), investing in several indices from different markets could add diversity and stability to a portfolio.

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When a company grows large enough, it often holds a public offering, enabling the general public to own a piece of the company, cast their vote, and receive dividends. This is done as a means of generating revenue, and enabling early investors to liquidate some of their holdings. For example, when Facebook went public in 2012, its founder Mark Zuckerberg sold 30.3 million of his shares for $1.1 billion.

Stock prices are influenced by a company’s market cap, meaning that as the company grows in value, so does its stock price. There are many different factors that could influence stock price, including: Product launches, earnings reports (released quarterly), news events having to do with the company or one of its competitors - and many others.

On eToro, stocks are traded as CFDs, meaning the client doesn’t own the underlying assets, but rather, engages in a contract with eToro to settle the difference between the opening and closing price of a position. This enables faster processing of transactions, fractional ownership, placing “sell” (short) orders - and other benefits.

A popular trend in stock trading is thematic investment, which means investing in several stocks from the same category, such as tech. For example, if a trader believes in the tech industry as a whole, they would open positions for companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

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Stocks Symbol Date Added
Take Two Interactive Software IncTake Two Interactive Software IncTTWO07/2017
3i Group PLC3i Group PLCIII07/2017
Anheuser-Busch Inbev SaAnheuser-Busch Inbev SaBUD07/2017
Edgewell Personal CareEdgewell Personal CareEPC07/2017
Vista Outdoor Inc.Vista Outdoor Inc.VSTO07/2017
Boyd GamingBoyd GamingBYD07/2017
Six FlagsSix FlagsSIX07/2017
W.R GraceW.R GraceGRA07/2017
Legg MasonLegg MasonLM07/2017
The ChemoursThe ChemoursCC07/2017
Credit AcceptanceCredit AcceptanceCACC07/2017
Renaissancere HoldingsRenaissancere HoldingsRNR07/2017
Aon plcAon plcAON07/2017
CommScope Holding Co IncCommScope Holding Co IncCOMM07/2017
Sally BeautySally BeautySBH07/2017
The Dun & BradstreetThe Dun & BradstreetDNB07/2017
Post holdingsPost holdingsPOST07/2017
Outfront MediaOutfront MediaOUT07/2017
Marcus & MillichapMarcus & MillichapMMI07/2017
Fastenal CompanyFastenal CompanyFAST07/2017
Cia Cervecerias unidasCia Cervecerias unidasCCU07/2017
Four Corners Property TrustFour Corners Property TrustFCPT07/2017
RE/MAX HoldingsRE/MAX HoldingsRMAX07/2017
Blackhawk Network HoldingsBlackhawk Network HoldingsHAWK07/2017
Snapchat IncSnapchat IncSNAP03/2017
Federal-Mogul Corp.Federal-Mogul Corp.FDML03/2017
Leggett & Platt IncLeggett & Platt IncLEG02/2017
MasTec IncMasTec IncMTZ02/2017
PulteGroup IncPulteGroup IncPHM02/2017
SCANA CorpSCANA CorpSCG02/2017
The Hanover Insurance Group IncThe Hanover Insurance Group IncTHG02/2017
Wynn Resorts LtdWynn Resorts LtdWYNN02/2017
Brunswick CorpBrunswick CorpBC02/2017
B/E Aerospace IncB/E Aerospace IncBEAV02/2017
Berry Plastics Group IncBerry Plastics Group IncBERY02/2017
General Cable CorpGeneral Cable CorpBGC02/2017
Big Lots IncBig Lots IncBIG02/2017
Barnes & Noble IncBarnes & Noble IncBKS02/2017
Bloomin Brands IncBloomin Brands IncBLMN02/2017
Bemis Co IncBemis Co IncBMS02/2017
Buckeye Partners L PBuckeye Partners L PBPL02/2017
Peabody Energy CorpPeabody Energy CorpBTU02/2017
Burlington Stores IncBurlington Stores IncBURL02/2017
BlackStone Group LPBlackStone Group LPBX02/2017
Caseys General Stores IncCaseys General Stores IncCASY02/2017
Coca-Cola Enterprises IncCoca-Cola Enterprises IncCCE02/2017
Celanese CorpCelanese CorpCE02/2017
Crestwood Equity Partners LPCrestwood Equity Partners LPCEQP02/2017
CF Industries Holdings IncCF Industries Holdings IncCF02/2017
Colfax CorpColfax CorpCFX02/2017
Cincinnati Financial CorpCincinnati Financial CorpCINF02/2017
Calumet Specialty Products Partners LPCalumet Specialty Products Partners LPCLMT02/2017
Continental Resources IncContinental Resources IncCLR02/2017
Clorox CoClorox CoCLX02/2017
Commercial Metals CoCommercial Metals CoCMC02/2017
Chipotle Mexican Grill IncChipotle Mexican Grill IncCMG02/2017
CMS Energy CorpCMS Energy CorpCMS02/2017
CNO Financial Group IncCNO Financial Group IncCNO02/2017
Coach IncCoach IncCOH02/2017
Rockwell Collins IncRockwell Collins IncCOL02/2017
Coty IncCoty IncCOTY02/2017 IncCRM02/2017
Cintas CorpCintas CorpCTAS02/2017
Cablevision Systems CorpCablevision Systems CorpCVC02/2017
Dana Holding CorpDana Holding CorpDAN02/2017
Darling Ingredients IncDarling Ingredients IncDAR02/2017
Dillards IncDillards IncDDS02/2017
Quest Diagnostics IncQuest Diagnostics IncDGX02/2017
Discovery Communications IncDiscovery Communications IncDISCA02/2017
Dicks Sporting Goods IncDicks Sporting Goods IncDKS02/2017
Emcor Group IncEmcor Group IncEME02/2017
Energizer Holdings IncEnergizer Holdings IncENR02/2017
Eversource EnergyEversource EnergyES02/2017
Essendant IncEssendant IncESND02/2017
Envision Healthcare Holdings IncEnvision Healthcare Holdings IncEVHC02/2017
Expeditors International of WashingtonExpeditors International of WashingtonEXPD02/2017
Expedia Inc DelExpedia Inc DelEXPE02/2017
First American Financial CorpFirst American Financial CorpFAF02/2017
Fortune Brands Home & Security IncFortune Brands Home & Security IncFBHS02/2017
Fidelity National Information Services IncFidelity National Information Services IncFIS02/2017
Fiserv IncFiserv IncFISV02/2017
Fifth Third BancorpFifth Third BancorpFITB02/2017
Foot Locker IncFoot Locker IncFL02/2017
Flowserve CorpFlowserve CorpFLS02/2017
Frontier Communications CorporationFrontier Communications CorporationFTR02/2017
Greif IncGreif IncGEF02/2017
Keurig Green Mountain IncKeurig Green Mountain IncGMCR02/2017
Graphic Packaging Holding CoGraphic Packaging Holding CoGPK02/2017
Hyatt Hotels CorpHyatt Hotels CorpH02/2017
Harman International Industries IncHarman International Industries IncHAR02/2017
Hasbro IncHasbro IncHAS02/2017
Hanesbrands IncHanesbrands IncHBI02/2017
Huntington Ingalls Industries IncHuntington Ingalls Industries IncHII02/2017
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide IncStarwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide IncHOT02/2017
HRG Group IncHRG Group IncHRG02/2017
Harris CorpHarris CorpHRS02/2017
Host Hotels & Resorts IncHost Hotels & Resorts IncHST02/2017
Hershey CoHershey CoHSY02/2017
Ingredion IncIngredion IncINGR02/2017
Intuit CorpIntuit CorpINTU02/2017
Interpublic Group of Companies IncInterpublic Group of Companies IncIPG02/2017
J.B.Hunt Transport Services IncJ.B.Hunt Transport Services IncJBHT02/2017
JetBlue Airways CorpJetBlue Airways CorpJBLU02/2017
Jones Lang Lasalle IncJones Lang Lasalle IncJLL02/2017
Juniper Networks IncJuniper Networks IncJNPR02/2017
KBR IncKBR IncKBR02/2017
Kindred Healthcare IncKindred Healthcare IncKND02/2017
Lithia Motors IncLithia Motors IncLAD02/2017
Leidos Holdings IncLeidos Holdings IncLDOS02/2017
Laboratory Corp Of America HoldingsLaboratory Corp Of America HoldingsLH02/2017
LKQ CorpLKQ CorpLKQ02/2017
Liberty Media CorpLiberty Media CorpLMCA02/2017
LifePoint Health IncLifePoint Health IncLPNT02/2017
Lam Research CorpLam Research CorpLRCX02/2017
Level 3 Communications IncLevel 3 Communications IncLVLT02/2017
Live Nation Entertainment IncLive Nation Entertainment IncLYV02/2017
Mattel IncMattel IncMAT02/2017
MDU Resources Group IncMDU Resources Group IncMDU02/2017
The Michaels Companies IncThe Michaels Companies IncMIK02/2017
Mead Johnson Nutrition CoMead Johnson Nutrition CoMJN02/2017
McCormick & Co IncMcCormick & Co IncMKC02/2017
Markel CorpMarkel CorpMKL02/2017
M&T Bank CorporationM&T Bank CorporationMTB02/2017
Manitowoc Co IncManitowoc Co IncMTW02/2017
Navient CorpNavient CorpNAVI02/2017
NCR CorpNCR CorpNCR02/2017
Newmont Mining CorpNewmont Mining CorpNEM02/2017
Nisource IncNisource IncNI02/2017
NetApp IncNetApp IncNTAP02/2017
Northern Trust CorpNorthern Trust CorpNTRS02/2017
NVR IncNVR IncNVR02/2017
Newell Rubbermaid IncNewell Rubbermaid IncNWL02/2017
Orbital ATK IncOrbital ATK IncOA02/2017
Owens Corning IncOwens Corning IncOC02/2017
Owens-Illinois IncOwens-Illinois IncOI02/2017
Old Republic International CorpOld Republic International CorpORI02/2017
OReilly Automotive IncOReilly Automotive IncORLY02/2017
Oshkosh CorpOshkosh CorpOSK02/2017
Patterson Companies IncPatterson Companies IncPDCO02/2017
Polaris Industries IncPolaris Industries IncPII02/2017
Packaging Corp of AmericaPackaging Corp of AmericaPKG02/2017
Pepco Holdings IncPepco Holdings IncPOM02/2017
Pioneer Natural Resources CompanyPioneer Natural Resources CompanyPXD02/2017
Quintiles Transnational Holdings INCQuintiles Transnational Holdings INCQ02/2017
Ryder System IncRyder System IncR02/2017
Regions Financial CorpRegions Financial CorpRF02/2017
Resolute Forest Products IncResolute Forest Products IncRFP02/2017
Robert Half International IncRobert Half International IncRHI02/2017
Raymond James Financial IncRaymond James Financial IncRJF02/2017
Realogy Holdings CorpRealogy Holdings CorpRLGY02/2017
Rockwell Automation IncRockwell Automation IncROK02/2017
RPM International IncRPM International IncRPM02/2017
Rush Enterprises IncRush Enterprises IncRUSHB02/2017
Sonic Automotive IncSonic Automotive IncSAH02/2017
Sanmina CorpSanmina CorpSANM02/2017
Charles Schwab CorpCharles Schwab CorpSCHW02/2017
Spectra Energy CorpSpectra Energy CorpSE02/2017
JM Smucker CoJM Smucker CoSJM02/2017
Silgan Holdings IncSilgan Holdings IncSLGN02/2017
Sonoco Products CoSonoco Products CoSON02/2017
Simon Property Group IncSimon Property Group IncSPG02/2017
Superior Energy Services IncSuperior Energy Services IncSPN02/2017
Spirit AeroSystems Holdings IncSpirit AeroSystems Holdings IncSPR02/2017
St Jude Medical IncSt Jude Medical IncSTJ02/2017
Swift Transportation CoSwift Transportation CoSWFT02/2017
Southwestern Energy CoSouthwestern Energy CoSWN02/2017
Symantec CorpSymantec CorpSYMC02/2017
Molson Coors Brewing CoMolson Coors Brewing CoTAP02/2017
Tiffany & CoTiffany & CoTIF02/2017
Torchmark CorpTorchmark CorpTMK02/2017
Toll Brothers IncToll Brothers IncTOL02/2017
Tutor Perini CorpTutor Perini CorpTPC02/2017
T Rowe Price Group IncT Rowe Price Group IncTROW02/2017
United Natural Foods IncUnited Natural Foods IncUNFI02/2017
United Rentals IncUnited Rentals IncURI02/2017
Valspar CorpValspar CorpVAL02/2017
VWR CorpVWR CorpVWR02/2017
Wisconsin Energy CorpWisconsin Energy CorpWEC02/2017
Westlake Chemical CorpWestlake Chemical CorpWLK02/2017
Williams-Sonoma IncWilliams-Sonoma IncWSM02/2017
Watsco IncWatsco IncWSO02/2017
Wyndham Worldwide CorpWyndham Worldwide CorpWYN02/2017
Xylem IncXylem IncXYL02/2017
Alleghany CorpAlleghany CorpY02/2017
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding CorpBooz Allen Hamilton Holding CorpBAH02/2017
Axiall CorpAxiall CorpAXLL02/2017
Anixter International IncAnixter International IncAXE02/2017
Avery Dennison CorpAvery Dennison CorpAVY02/2017
Atmos Energy CorpAtmos Energy CorpATO02/2017
Allegheny Technologies IncAllegheny Technologies IncATI02/2017
Ascena Retail Group IncAscena Retail Group IncASNA02/2017
Ashland IncAshland IncASH02/2017
ARRIS Group IncARRIS Group IncARRS02/2017
Airgas IncAirgas IncARG02/2017
Amphenol Corporation (New)Amphenol Corporation (New)APH02/2017
Andersons IncAndersons IncANDE02/2017
American Tower CorpAmerican Tower CorpAMT02/2017
AMETEK Inc (New)AMETEK Inc (New)AME02/2017
Advanced Micro Devices IncAdvanced Micro Devices IncAMD02/2017
Alaska Air Group IncAlaska Air Group IncALK02/2017
Ak Steel Holding CorpAk Steel Holding CorpAKS02/2017
Arthur J.Gallagher & CoArthur J.Gallagher & CoAJG02/2017
Argo GroupArgo GroupAGII02/2017
AmTrust Financial Services IncAmTrust Financial Services IncAFSI02/2017
American Financial Group IncAmerican Financial Group IncAFG02/2017
Ameren CorpAmeren CorpAEE02/2017
ABM Industries IncABM Industries IncABM02/2017
Asbury Automotive Group IncAsbury Automotive Group IncABG02/2017
Agilent Technologies IncAgilent Technologies IncA02/2017
Essent GroupEssent GroupESNT01/2017
Brinker Intl.Brinker Intl.EAT01/2017
Dominos Pizza IncDominos Pizza IncDPZ01/2017
Now IncNow IncDNOW01/2017
Flowers FoodsFlowers FoodsFLO01/2017
FleetCor TechnologiesFleetCor TechnologiesFLT01/2017
GoDaddy Inc.GoDaddy Inc.GDDY01/2017
Graham Holdings Co - Class BGraham Holdings Co - Class BGHC01/2017
Graham Holdings Co - Class BGraham Holdings Co - Class BGHC01/2017
CGI GroupCGI GroupGIB01/2017
Gaming and LeisureGaming and LeisureGLPI01/2017
Garmin Ltd.Garmin Ltd.GRMN01/2017
GW Pharmaceuticals PlcGW Pharmaceuticals PlcGWPH01/2017
Hain CelestialHain CelestialHAIN01/2017
Herc HoldingsHerc HoldingsHRI01/2017
Hershey CoHershey CoHSY01/2017
Hertz Global Holdings IncHertz Global Holdings IncHTZ01/2017
Interactive Brokers GroupInteractive Brokers GroupIBKR01/2017
Intercept PharmaIntercept PharmaICPT01/2017
Incyte Corp.Incyte Corp.INCY01/2017
Intl FCStone IncIntl FCStone IncINTL01/2017
Ionis PharmaceuticalsIonis PharmaceuticalsIONS01/2017
Ipg Photonics Corp.Ipg Photonics Corp.IPGP01/2017
Ingersoll-Rand plc (Ireland)Ingersoll-Rand plc (Ireland)IR01/2017
Jazz PharmaceuticalsJazz PharmaceuticalsJAZZ01/2017
The Kraft Heinz CompanyThe Kraft Heinz CompanyKHC01/2017
Lamar Advertising CompanyLamar Advertising CompanyLAMR01/2017
Liberty Global ALiberty Global ALBTYA01/2017
Liberty Global CLiberty Global CLBTYK01/2017
Liberty Global PLC LiLAC Class ALiberty Global PLC LiLAC Class ALILA01/2017
Linear Technology CorporationLinear Technology CorporationLLTC01/2017
Liberty Media CorpLiberty Media CorpLMCA01/2017
Cheniere Energy IncCheniere Energy IncLNG01/2017
Liberty Media Corporation Series A Liberty SiriusXM Common StockLiberty Media Corporation Series A Liberty SiriusXM Common StockLSXMA01/2017
Mid-America ApartmentMid-America ApartmentMAA01/2017
Moodys Corp.Moodys Corp.MCO01/2017
Media GeneralMedia GeneralMEG01/2017
Media GeneralMedia GeneralMEG01/2017
Welbilt IncWelbilt IncMFS01/2017
Monster Beverage CorpMonster Beverage CorpMNST01/2017
Maxlinear IncMaxlinear IncMXL01/2017
National Instruments CorporationNational Instruments CorporationNATI01/2017
New RelicNew RelicNEWR01/2017
Nielsen N.V.Nielsen N.V.NLSN01/2017
Nuance CommunicationsNuance CommunicationsNUAN01/2017
NXP SemiconductorsNXP SemiconductorsNXPI01/2017
Pandora MediaPandora MediaP01/2017
Pampa Energia S.A.Pampa Energia S.A.PAM01/2017
Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto NetworksPANW01/2017
Puma Biotechnology IncPuma Biotechnology IncPBYI01/2017
Pinnacle FoodsPinnacle FoodsPF01/2017
Power IntegrationsPower IntegrationsPOWI01/2017
Pilgrims PridePilgrims PridePPC01/2017
Perrigo CompanyPerrigo CompanyPRGO01/2017
Restaurant Brands International Inc.Restaurant Brands International Inc.QSR01/2017
Red HatRed HatRHT01/2017
Transocean LTDTransocean LTDRIG01/2017
Raymond James Financial IncRaymond James Financial IncRJF01/2017
Roper Technologies IncRoper Technologies IncROP01/2017
Spirit AirlinesSpirit AirlinesSAVE01/2017
SBA Communications CorporationSBA Communications CorporationSBAC01/2017
Signature BankSignature BankSBNY01/2017
Service Corp IntlService Corp IntlSCI01/2017
ServiceMaster Global HoldingsServiceMaster Global HoldingsSERV01/2017
Seattle GeneticsSeattle GeneticsSGEN01/2017
Shopify Inc.Shopify Inc.SHOP01/2017
Signet Jewelers Limited (us)Signet Jewelers Limited (us)SIG01/2017
S&P Global IncS&P Global IncSPGI01/2017
Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.ST01/2017
Suncor Energy Inc.Suncor Energy Inc.SU01/2017
Skyworks SolutionsSkyworks SolutionsSWKS01/2017
Synaptics Inc.Synaptics Inc.SYNA01/2017
Transdigm Group IncorporatedTransdigm Group IncorporatedTDG01/2017
TiVo CorporationTiVo CorporationTIVO01/2017
TRI Pointe GroupTRI Pointe GroupTPH01/2017
Tempur SealyTempur SealyTPX01/2017
Trimble Inc.Trimble Inc.TRMB01/2017
Under ArmourUnder ArmourUA01/2017
Ubiquiti NetworksUbiquiti NetworksUBNT01/2017
USG CorporationUSG CorporationUSG01/2017
Varian Medical SystemsVarian Medical SystemsVAR01/2017
Viavi SolutionsViavi SolutionsVIAV01/2017
Verisk AnalyticsVerisk AnalyticsVRSK01/2017
Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncorporatedVertex Pharmaceuticals IncorporatedVRTX01/2017
Valeant Pharmaceuticals InternationalValeant Pharmaceuticals InternationalVRX01/2017
Wayfair Inc.Wayfair Inc.W01/2017
Waters CorporationWaters CorporationWAT01/2017
WABCO HoldingsWABCO HoldingsWBC01/2017
Weatherford International plcWeatherford International plcWFT01/2017
Willis Towers Watson Public Limited CompanyWillis Towers Watson Public Limited CompanyWLTW01/2017 IncWUBA01/2017
Dentsply Sirona Inc.Dentsply Sirona Inc.XRAY01/2017
Yelp Inc.Yelp Inc.YELP01/2017
Regeneron PharmaceuticalsRegeneron PharmaceuticalsREGN01/2017
Cellectis SACellectis SACLLS01/2017
Sangamo Biosciences IncSangamo Biosciences IncSGMO01/2017
Intellia Therapeutics IncIntellia Therapeutics IncNTLA01/2017
Editas Medicine IncEditas Medicine IncEDIT01/2017
Morgan StanleyMorgan StanleyMS01/2017
Hermes InternationalHermes InternationalRMS01/2017
Nestle SANestle SANESN.ZU01/2017
Roche Holding LtdRoche Holding LtdROG.ZU01/2017
Credit Suisse Group AGCredit Suisse Group AGCSGN.ZU01/2017
CVR RefiningCVR RefiningCVRR12/2016
CSX CorpCSX CorpCSX12/2016
Cooper Cos IncCooper Cos IncCOO12/2016
CME GroupCME GroupCME12/2016
CIT GroupCIT GroupCIT12/2016
Charter Communications IncCharter Communications IncCHTR12/2016
Churchill Downs Inc.Churchill Downs Inc.CHDN12/2016
Cerner Corp.Cerner Corp.CERN12/2016
China BiologicChina BiologicCBPO12/2016
Cavium IncCavium IncCAVM12/2016
Caesars AcquisitionCaesars AcquisitionCACQ12/2016
CalAtlantic GroupCalAtlantic GroupCAA12/2016
Banco Santander ChileBanco Santander ChileBSAC12/2016
Berkshire Hathaway IncBerkshire Hathaway IncBRK.B12/2016
Brookfield Property Partners L.P.Brookfield Property Partners L.P.BPY12/2016
Bitauto Holdings LimitedBitauto Holdings LimitedBITA12/2016
BlackBerry LimitedBlackBerry LimitedBBRY12/2016
Axalta Coating SystemsAxalta Coating SystemsAXTA12/2016
American Railcar Industries IncAmerican Railcar Industries IncARII12/2016
Affiliated Managers GroupAffiliated Managers GroupAMG12/2016
Akamai TechnologiesAkamai TechnologiesAKAM12/2016
Barrick GoldBarrick GoldABX12/2016


An ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) is a financial instrument that groups together various assets following a certain strategy, created by a financial institution. The aim of an ETF is to reduce risk and increase profit by bundling various financial assets from different categories into one tradable fund. Unlike indices, ETFs do not need to follow a specific market segment, and often include assets from different classes.

Each ETFs composition is determined by a group of experts called Authorized Participants, who determine which assets to include. An ETF is created either as a general low-risk financial instrument, or tailored to a specific company’s needs, such as hedging.

An ETF is traded like a stock, and has a share price. While the fund itself owns stocks in various companies, and other assets, the individual owners of the fund’s shares do not have direct ownership of any of the assets. On eToro, ETFs are available via CFD trading. ALT: On eToro, ETFs are offered as real assets, which are registered in your name in an account held by a custodian. Whenever you open a non-leveraged “buy” position for an ETF, you will automatically be buying the actual asset.

ETFs are designed to be relatively low-risk, therefore, investing in several ETFs could add bulk and stability to your portfolio.

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