Why eToro is NOT a Forex Trading Company

The online Foreign Exchange trading industry has grown to massive proportions over the last decade, and has made it hard to distinguish one Forex exchange company from another. Sure, online FX trading platforms often have different features, different interfaces and different strengths and weaknesses, but at the end of the day they all provide the same service: facilitating the connection between the trader and the foreign exchange market.

This is why eToro is much more than an online FX company

While it’s certainly true that eToro gives users access to the FX market, as well as the commodity and indices markets, this is not the primary purpose of our company. eToro’s main goal is to connect online Forex traders into an investment network, which then enables them to trade as a community while harnessing  their collective potential.

Our flagship social trading application, the eToro OpenBook makes it easy for members of our investment network to share information, and to apply that information directly to their Forex trading accounts. Any trading action made by any trader in the investment network in immediately recorded in live streaming feeds, visible to all other network members. The eToro OpenBook then provides traders with tools to utilize this information.

While the information in the feeds is valuable in itself, since it can teach you new forex trading techniques or alert you to new opportunities in the foreign exchange market, the main advantage of the eToro OpenBook are its copy functions. At the most basic level, if you see an FX trade you like in any live feed, you can very easily copy this very trade by clicking on the “Copy” button and setting your own parameters.

However, if you like a specific Forex trader, and not just an individual trade, it makes no sense to monitor his/her activity and copy each trade individually. This is where the CopyTrader comes in. The CopyTrader makes it possible for you to trade like the best traders in the investment network. Simply use the search box to locate the best traders suited to your trading style and then click on CopyTrader in their profile to start copying trades automatically.
As you can see, all of these groundbreaking social trading features make eToro very different from just your standard online Forex trading platform.

eToro is first and foremost the largest investment network in the world, connecting over 1.75 million traders together and enabling them to take on the foreign exchange market together.

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