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The strategy of this portfolios identifies strong dividends from great companies. The asset class focus is global large-cap equities, primarily from the North American market. The portfolio is backed by a strong South African based investment research team made up of experienced asset management professionals. The investment strategy is intended to provide long-term returns while maintaining a low-risk. The portfolio is rebalanced seldomly on an adhoc basis pending our research team's analysis. The minimum to invest in our CopyPortfolio is $5,000. ... Show More
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All heil the YieldKing – by contrarian design and in-depth insight into the makings of a market, the YieldKing’s goal and desire is to serve the investors of this portfolio. The investment strategy selects traditional stocks which have successfully transitioned into the hi-tech space or are likely to transition going forward. The portfolio will also incorporate high/higher dividend yielding stocks with a view to generating not only capital gains, but also a steady flow of income which will reward investors. The YieldKing harnesses the power of diversification while remaining true to a simple yet imperative trait – patience. Time in the market rather than timing the market will remain the ultimate equaliser. This means that any decision is carefully considered and deliberate. The objective of the portfolio is to deliver superior returns over the long-term while mitigating risk. Deliberate and careful response to changing market conditions: The factors which affect your investment portfolio can change swiftly and unexpectedly. Investing via this eToro partner portfolio allows the individuals administering the portfolios to make decisive decisions in these instances, and act on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome, given a changing market environment. The YieldKing and our team of investment professionals follow a stringent investment review process and any asset allocation decisions made will automatically be implemented. Current holdings: <a href="/markets/bbby" class="e-link">$BBBY (Bed Bath &amp; Beyond Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/aapl" class="e-link">$AAPL (Apple)</a> <a href="/markets/intu.l" class="e-link">$INTU.L (Intu Properties PLC)</a> <a href="/markets/bp.l" class="e-link">$BP.L (BP)</a> <a href="/markets/t" class="e-link">$T (AT&amp;T Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/m" class="e-link">$M (Macys Inc)</a> <a href="/markets/bx" class="e-link">$BX (BlackStone Group LP)</a> <a href="/markets/epd" class="e-link">$EPD (Enterprise Products Partners LP)</a> ... Show More
Searching for Yield @YieldKing Bought $BBBY @14.08
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Just opened a position using 8.73% of my equity with X1 leverage. ... Show More
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc
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Searching for Yield @YieldKing
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BBBY - cheap as chips, we need to double down ( this is oversold). This could be the buy of the latter of the year. ... Show More
Searching for Yield @YieldKing Bought $INTU.L @168.2
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Just opened a position using 9.59% of my equity with X1 leverage. ... Show More
Intu Properties PLC
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