Chia Seng
Day in and day out, top economists around the globe downplay the bull market and try to amplify the bear market. Why? Simple. They are trying to trigger panic in the market so that they could buy some of the top 1 best companies in the world in a discounted rate. On 11 October 2022, Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan) warned that the $SPY $SPX500 may plunge another 20%. And look where $SPX500 headed ever since October 2022? Bull markets are BORN on pessimism. Stick with your own investment strategy and do not panic to sell or buy based on 'experts' comments or forecast. Always be calm in stock market and ignore the bullshit, focus on the business fundamentals and valuation and millions you will make. $VOO $MSFT (Microsoft) $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) [@chinsengfx, this post was moderated by @eToro_Moderation for excessive tagging]
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