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Crude Oil Future July 20

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INVESTING IN CRUDE OIL FUTURES Crude oil futures contract enables investors to trade a predetermined amount of the material at a specified future date. eToro offers investors a Crude Oil July 2020 contract. The expiry date for positions on this product can be found on our Market Hours & Events page for commodities. The futures can be traded on the NYMEX exchange. Future oil contracts try to predict the future price of this commodity, and, therefore, depend on the price of the commodity itself. The price of oil futures can be affected by the estimated value of the commodity and is also sensitive to speculations and possible bidding wars among traders. WHAT DRIVES THE PRICE OF OIL AS A COMMODITY Crude oil is a raw, naturally occurring, nonrenewable resource that is extracted and refined for a variety of applications and petroleum products. As a commodity, crude oil is traded in global markets through spot oil and derivatives contracts. Investors may trade oil as a speculative asset, to diversify their portfolio, or as a hedge. As with most commodities, the price of oil depends greatly on supply and demand. Oil and oil futures prices are also influenced by different geological factors, legal frameworks, operational costs, technology in the field, global politics, and more. Track oil futures for more updates and news on the current CL.JUL20 value.