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ActiveTraders is a portfolio comprised of copying various users on the eToro Trading Platform that are selected by a system algorithm from our database. The algorithmic score will determine the top users for the portfolio based on the following parameters: - Profitable quarters - Active quarters - Copy stop loss (max loss of 5-7%, depending on the risk score) - Low-mid risk score - Highly diversified ActiveTraders is a portfolio designed by eToro and managed by eToro; you should familiarize yourself with all risk disclosures and warnings. CFD trading carries risk to your capital, and losses can exceed deposits. ... Show More
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$XRP $LTC $DASH $ETHEREUM $ETC $BCH $BTC $NEO $XLM 10:57 【全球数字货币市值10小时蒸发222亿美元】 据CoinMarketCap显示,今日上午数字货币市场继续下跌,目前总市值为2913.07亿美元,今日凌晨市值为3134.78亿美元,近11小时,已蒸发222亿美元。 BTC现全球均价7603美元,24小时跌幅7.48%,为3月最低,接近2月7日价格。 ================================ 这些实时新闻对加密货币等投资理财产品的波动有非常关键的影响。 每位投资者都无法摆脱这些新闻事件对市场造成的影响! 祝好运常伴~ ... Show More Translate
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$BTC For the past 24 hours the volume is so thin. That mean not many people selling at this price and this indicate the price has bottom up and should bounce back soon. ... Show More
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One of our programmers has setup satirical quotes in our AI Bot and since last week whenever I ask AI Bot to analyze $BTC $ETHEREUM or $XRP for trade, it replies with one of such quotes. The replies has changed over the period of last 7 days from "mehhh...are you kidding me?" to "If you trade in these then you are crypto-terrorist and I do not negotiate with terrorists!", lol. ... Show More
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$BTC $ETHEREUM to me this seems to be a plan. Bringing BTC down at that point where many coins get killed automatically and the new ICOs will have to think a lot before making a new movie. Maybe this is how the btc has to get rid of many bullshit coins. And will start a new era. ... Show More
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$BTC we’ve been saying it’ll hit less than 5k for a while now. Who has been listening? ... Show More