Victor Lee
Victor Lee@victorlee448


-21.10% November 2022
10.68% October 2022
-7.78% September 2022
-11.15% August 2022
20.11% July 2022
-29.60% June 2022
-17.86% May 2022
-17.67% April 2022
8.19% March 2022
9.92% February 2022
-21.21% January 2022

About victorlee448United States

Hello everyone! My name is Victor Lee and 448 is my lucky number (two-term presidents). I graduated from Dartmouth College Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Arabic. Since then, I have been running a business and investing into stocks. One of my best investments in 2020 was Bitcoin, and I am extremely bullish for crypto this year! Market sentiments play a big role in the growth of Crypto, and an intelligent investor can help guide you through the right decisions. Consider me to be your smart friend that helps you pass the most difficult classes like Calculus and Chemistry. Now instead of school, you are being tested on your ability to earn money and make profitable investments. Just as chemistry was confusing, crypto will be confusing. You can depend on me to do the homework and earn profitable returns on intelligent investments! To good fortunes for all that is yours and mine
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