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Day By Day SAS
The old Dow Jones Industrial index has followed a very different path. It rose more slowly in the past, but 2022 correction precisely tested 2020 highs. This index is the strongest US index. It will easily join a record next year. $DJ30 $SPX500 Oversæt
Day By Day SAS
Obviously, US index evolution will have an impact on European indices. The Nasdaq 100 has long been a leader of global indices. In 2022, it fell heavily. It roughly reached the 38 % Fibo of the whole rally since 2008. This is the most important level in a trend, indices seldom break below this level... Vis Oversæt
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Day By Day SAS
We will end this European index review with the Spanish Ibex. It has very little going for it… Peaks are still displaying bearish pressure, though lows are rising -barely. For the time being, we will certainly not be including Spanish stocks in our selections… The index is not shouting about immediate... Vis Oversæt
Day By Day SAS
This the Italian FTSEMIB. This has been one of the weakest indices in Europe, heavily loaded with banks. Since 2012, we have had rising lows, but peaks remained flat for a long decade. In late 2021, the index joined a higher high, thus entering a long-term bullish trend officially. It has been heavily... Vis Oversæt
Day By Day SAS
Let’s look at the Eurostoxx 50 next, also as a monthly closing price chart. It is weaker than the Stoxx 600. It has not yet passed 2000 and 2007 highs. It also fell below 2015, 2017 and 2020 highs in 2022. Yet, it is now bouncing from a paramount level: the 38 % Fibo since 2009 low. This means that... Vis Oversæt

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DayByDay is the leading European independent research bureau for behavioural analysis since 2000. Our unique, proprietary methodology is based on long-term cycles, sentiment analysis, and price triggers identifications. We have been ranked Best Research among worldwide broker panels by Bloomberg and previously AQ Research. We have developed an Equity selection model that aims at beating the Euro Stoxx 50 in the long term. Our portfolio will be fully invested at all times, and will therefore lose ground when indices do. Yet, thanks to our selection methodology, we aim at minimizing those drawdowns. We conduct changes only once a month, on the last trading day, as close as possible to the closing auction price. Our changes do not try to capture short-term moves, but long-term trends. You can implement the changes with us, or you can do it a few days later if you feel you can improve the timing. All our stocks are Euro-area based.
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