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About EOS / Japanese Yen

The EOS JPY cryptocurrency/fiat pair represents the value of a single EOS token in units of Japanese Yen. The EOS token is the cryptocurrency used on the EOS.IO platform, which is a blockchain operating system. EOS held the largest ICO in history, positioning its market cap as one of the highest in the cryptocurrency space. The Yen (JPY) is Japan’s national currency, often exchanged with other fiat currencies, such as the USD or EUR. Developed by Hong Kong based startup, the EOS cryptocurrency has been known to become extremely volatile at times. Some of the factors impacting its price are general trends in the cryptocurrency market, or news relating directly to the EOS.IO platform. The other side of the pair, JPY, could be impacted by events relating to the Japanese economy, such as a rate announcement by the Bank of Japan, global market trends and other factors.
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