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eToro Team
⚠️ Contract Expiration ALERT ⚠️ Please pay attention to the following contract expirations coming up: 1. The futures contracts for $Corn, $PALLADIUM, $WHEAT, $COPPER, $HeatingOil and $Gasoline will expire on MONDAY, November 28, 2022. 2. The futures contracts for both $LeanHogs and $LiveCattle will... Show More
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Prüfen Sie die $PALLADIUM Charts, die ich auf @eToro bereitgestellt habe Translate
José Maria Gallart
$GOLD $SILVER $PLATINUM COTIZACIÓN ORO EN ESTA ÚLTIMA SEMANA. - El $GOLD cotiza sin cambios en $1,754.13 tras tocar un máximo de una semana y acumulando una subida semanal del 0.3 %. El metal dorado parece haberse estancado en algún lugar de este rango reciente que ha establecido entre $1.730 y $1,780. -... Show More Translate
Cristian Castro Molina
Actual state Market after ending session !! $SPX500 $PALLADIUM $HKG50 $CL.FEB23 $BTC
Cristian Castro Molina
Today we added some good positions over price and dividend and an speculation commodities !! $ARR (ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc) $PBR (Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras) $DVA (DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc) $PALLADIUM $CL.FEB23 $COPPER

About Palladium Future

A rare metal, palladium is used in a variety of industries, mainly, but not exclusively, in electronics. Due to its low melting point and non-reaction to oxygen, palladium is relatively easy to manipulate and is resilient, which is why it can be found in many laptops and smartphones around the world. Palladium ore is mined in many locations around the globe, with Russia being the number one producer. Palladium is considered non-toxic, which is why it is used in products that require direct contact with the human body. For example, it is often combined with gold to create white gold jewellery and is also used for dental fillings. Naturally-occurring palladium ore is very rare, which is why much of the industry recycles the metal. Russia is the world leader in production, including one Russian company, Norilsk Nickel, responsible for 39% of global supply. Other major producers include Canada, South Africa, the US and Zimbabwe. The palladium chart can be impacted by supply and demand concerns, however, since it is sometimes considered a safe-haven financial asset, like gold and silver, it may also be impacted by volatility in the stock market, which in turn, may lead to an increase in palladium prices. To stay updated on recent palladium price fluctuations, add it to your eToro watchlist.
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