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Andrea Aceto
✅ The psychology of the investor. Are you more willing to lose 100% of your portfolio for a possible 100% annual gain, or to earn 10% a year for a possible 2% loss? Let's consider that there is no such thing as earning 100% per annum forever without risking anything, we would all be rich and there... Show More
Lubomir Ridzon
France stocks higher at close of trade; $FRA40 up 2.11% The best performers of the session on the CAC 40 were $RNO.PA (Renault ) , which rose 5.93% or 1.98 points to trade at 35.38 at the close. Meanwhile, $AIR.PA (AIRBUS GROUP) added 5.43% or 5.88 points to end at 114.22 and $STLA.MI (Stellantis... Show More
Leonardo Casale
Cosmin Gheorghe Cosma
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Andrea Aceto
📣 January: + 3.12% 📣 Maximum deflection: -1.5% Risk / profit ratio: 3: 1 Risk: 3 Profitable weeks: 60% 💹 If you are looking for a non-directional strategy, which can earn even in these bearish times, open my portfolio. 🏦 Low risk strategy with low but steady profits. $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.)... Show More