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About Sugar Future

One of the most popular commodities in the food industry, sugar has been used by humanity for millennia. Added to everything from soft drinks to gourmet cuisine, sugar is one of the top 10 most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Today, despite many other sweeteners being produced, and corn syrup being widely used as a sugar substitute, especially in the US, sugar still maintains its place as a popular commodity, both for industrial uses and for traders. From the earliest days of agriculture, sugar has been produced from various crops, including sugar cane and sugar beets, and to this day, remains a cornerstone of the global food market. Sugar is a major export of many of the world’s largest economies. The largest exporter is Brazil, followed by Thailand and Australia. The largest importer is China, followed by Indonesia and the European Union. Due to it being a raw material, the sugar chart is often affected by global supply and demand. In addition, the sugar price may also be affected by seasonal cycles, as it is more in demand during certain times of the year. The environment, politics, import tariffs and global trends in nutrition may also impact sugar prices. To follow sugar prices, add it to your watchlist.
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