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⚠️ Contract Expiration ALERT ⚠️ Please pay attention to the following contract expirations coming up: 1. The futures contracts for $Corn, $PALLADIUM, $WHEAT, $COPPER, $HeatingOil and $Gasoline will expire on MONDAY, November 28, 2022. 2. The futures contracts for both $LeanHogs and $LiveCattle will... Show More
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About Wheat Future

A prominent part of the food and drink industry, wheat has been a source of nutrition for humankind since the dawn of agriculture. Used for some of the most basic food products, such as bread and pastries, wheat has been traded as a commodity since the earliest days of commerce. Today, the global wheat market exceeds $6.7 trillion in annual wheat production. Alongside flour, wheat is also used as a raw material for many other subsectors within the food industry. It is used for feed for livestock, a means of producing seitan, which is a plant-based protein favoured by vegans, various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and more. Wheat grows in numerous locations around the world. The largest producer of wheat is China, followed by India, Russia and the United States. As such a widely traded and common commodity, wheat is also a favourite among traders, who trade in futures contracts and their derivatives, such as CFDs. The wheat chart can be affected by many factors, including global supply and demand fluctuations, weather conditions and others. Therefore, those who wish to track wheat prices, should follow news coverage of such events. To see the most recent wheat price on eToro, add it to your watchlist.
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