Funding your account using eToro Money


Why deposit using eToro Money?

Using your eToro Money account to deposit funds is quick and simple, and offers you more benefits — including no USD conversion fees when using eToro Money to fund your eToro investment account. Your eToro Money account also offers you swift and easy access to your funds, plus instant withdrawal from the eToro investment platform.


How to fund – Workflow

  1. Set up your eToro Money account as a payee from your bank account
  2. Fund your eToro Money account
  3. Deposit to the investment platform from eToro Money

Stage 1 – Funding your eToro Money account

Transferring money from your bank account to your eToro Money account is quick and simple.

In your bank account, add eToro Money as a new payee using your eToro Money Account number and sort code which can be found in the Cash screen (the screen that you automatically see when you open your eToro Money app).

Do this by clicking the Account tab, in which your name, account number and sort code are displayed.

Click Copy Details and share them with your existing bank account.

You can now transfer your funds to your eToro Money account, quickly and simply.

Transfer from your existing bank account to your newly created payee eToro Money.

Stage 2 – Deposit to the investment platform from eToro Money

In your eToro investment account, click Deposit Funds.

You can now deposit funds into your eToro investment account using your eToro Money account, which now displays as the default option.

If you want to deposit into your eToro investment account, simply enter the amount you wish to deposit in this screen, and click Deposit.

A confirmation screen is displayed.