Why deposit using eToro Money?

Use eToro Money to seamlessly connect to your eToro account, so that you can enjoy free and instant deposits with no FX conversion fees and instant withdrawals.

How to deposit to your investment account using eToro Money

  • Deposit to eToro using eToro Money (UK)
  • Deposit to eToro using eToro Money (Europe)

Deposit to eToro using eToro Money (UK)

  1. Click Deposit Funds, from within your eToro account.
  2. In the Fund Your Account window, select eToro Money (it should already be the default option)
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. If you have enough funds in your eToro Money account, simply click Deposit and the deposit will be completed instantly.
  5. If you don’t have enough funds in your eToro Money balance, tap Top-up eToro Money balance.
    1. Enter the amount you want to Top-up.
    2. Fast Bank Transfer is the default method selected, and is recommended. This means you’ll be able to make the payment from your bank account without leaving the platform or entering any bank details. The other option is Regular Bank Transfer, and will direct you to make a manual bank transfer.
    3. The Auto transfer option is set to ON by default. This will ensure the funds you transfer to your eToro Money account will automatically be transferred to your eToro investment account. If you deselect this option, the funds will remain in your eToro Money account.
    4. Tap Continue.
    5. Select your bank.
    6. Select Pay faster next time so the system remembers your details the next time you deposit.
    7. You’re redirected to your banking app where you can follow the instructions to approve the transaction.
    8. The funds are now transferred to your eToro Money account. If you selected the Auto transfer option, the funds will be transferred on to your eToro account to complete your deposit.

Note: Most payments happen instantly, but some can take up to 2hrs, depending on your bank.

Deposit to eToro using eToro Money (Europe)

Step 1. Fund your eToro Money account

  1. Add eToro Money as a new payee to your bank account, if you have not yet done this.
    1. In the Cash screen, which is the opening screen in the eToro Money app, click the Account tab. Your eToro Money Account number and sort code are displayed here.
    2. Click Copy Details and then share them with your existing bank account
  2. You can now transfer your funds to your eToro Money account. Most payments happen instantly, but some can take up to 2hrs.

Step 2. Deposit to eToro using eToro Money

  1. From your eToro investment account, click Deposit Funds. Your eToro Money account should now display as the default option, so make sure that it is selected.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and click Deposit. A confirmation screen will then be displayed.


When making a payment into your eToro Money account, you may encounter an error. This could be one of two possible issues:

1. Your bank could require 11 characters for the BIC (Bank Identification Code), and your BIC code is only 8 digits long. To resolve this, add uppercase XXX (3 X’s) to the end of your BIC code.

2. If you’ve been asked to select a country along with your IBAN number, please ensure that you enter Malta, rather than the country you’re from. This is because it’s a Maltese IBAN number. Most banks automatically recognise the country of the IBAN number, but some still ask you to enter it manually.