Introducing: Unleveraged currency and indices trading

Update 29.09.2015

Following the very positive response we’ve gotten regarding unelveraged currency trading, starting September 30th we will also be enabling unleveraged trading on indices, meaning that you will be able to invest in any of the indices we have on offer with 1×1 leverage.

Example: If you invest 1000USD in buying NSDQ100 at the price of 4000, you will effectively buy 0.25 units of NSDQ100.

Happy trading!

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In the world of currency trading, leverage has become so common that traders tend to forget the risks involved in leveraged trading – after all, it means investing money that you don’t have!

currencies leverage

Today, we are happy to updated you that on Sunday, 16/08/2015, we will enable trading on all currency pairs available at eToro with 1×1 leverage (or no leverage in other words).

This will enable you to invest in currencies using only your funds, with no added risk factor due to leverage.

How will this work?

Just like any common foreign exchange transaction.

For example, if the EUR/USD buy rate is 1.1000 and you decide to invest $1000 in a long position, you will effectively buy 909 Euro for the price of 1000 USD.

The minimum amount for a currency position will remain $25, even with 1X1 leverage.

Happy trading everyone!