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Amin Harirchian
Today ⇢ 🟢 +1.23% MTD ⇢ 🟢 +5.7% 3Q22 ⇢ 🟢 +14.97% We had a great week actually. Friday is only left for this week and our biggest positions earning result , $DKNG (Draftkings Inc) , will be available soon. 📈 Most profitable trades in less than 3 months: .$GOG.L +112% .$PRS.OL +82% .$OLLI +69% .$PGS.OL... Meer weergeven Vertalen
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Christoph Ebert
Best month of this portfolio... 💹 9% (including today, which doesn't show in the monthly stats yet). (Still it's predecessor @ThinkFuture has had quite a few better and has an overall performance of 💹+38% now. Sadly it could not be copied hence i had to open a new account) Markets go up... Meer weergeven Vertalen
$GOG.L (Go-Ahead Group PLC) $FGP.L (Firstgroup PLC) If the company is purchased by the Ozzie company are you forced and or automatically to sell your shares on here.... Vertalen
Gavin O'Luanaigh
Dear Investors, This month has been a real hit for the main markets and unlike previously due to the inflationary measures and the advent of recession even the $UK100 took a big hit. We have been hiding out there for a while within the low P/E stocks and will continue to do so as I feel a large number... Meer weergeven Vertalen
Christoph Ebert
My Portfolio - Part 7: $SSE.L (SSE) ✅ Why i think that it fits in my 100% environmentally friendly investment portfolio ✅ What i believe the chances of the stock are and what my according plans are. W͇h͇a͇t͇ ͇t͇h͇e͇y͇ ͇d͇o͇ 🌊 SSE is a multinational energy provider that historically is based largely... Meer weergeven Vertalen