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Vakhtang Mindiashvili @OILGASFUND
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It is very strong bullish call in the $NATGAS price for the moment but I do expect reversal tendency and wait for optimal conditions in Natgas or oil to open or increase short but its not look apropriate. Despite on $OIL price decline it can be long waited stage of consolation and after some period of side movements price will accumulate energy for growth. So I still stay aside from short trade in oil. More interesting trade for short is in Natgas and current bull run will be transformed into sharp decline that I going not miss. But for the moment next month looks more bullish or neutral. In rest I still very caution in respect to broad market downside <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> and hold defensive position in <a href="/people/hermesfund" class="e-link">@HermesFund</a> and <a href="/people/spxhedgefund" class="e-link">@spxhedgefund</a> . Next portion of macro data is on 30 of May will shed of light on economy cycle condition that imo more and more reverting to bearish disposition. ... Show More
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$BTC $XRP $XLM $ETHEREUM $EOS $BCH $NEO if I have to keep buying the dips surely I must have to sell my wife soon... Frustrated to the core...this market is completely manipulated by exchanges and whales.... Fuckers ... Show More
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Wer will an Kryptos schon verdienen? Schließlich wollen wir nur die Technologie voran bringen. LOL $XLM $BTC $ ... Show More