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Sverre Pettersen
Sverre Pettersen @TheGlobalFund
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Up 3.74 % for August. Bought $HEIA.NV (Heineken) after delivering supplies to my friends snowed in at Mt Ruapehu. Added @SpeculatorOslo and @Lothbrock from Norway to my portfolio. @techiemetal best performing Pi from New Zealand. Good returns and risk management. Will add funds. Moving money from <a href="/markets/dj30" class="e-link">$DJ30</a> to <a href="/markets/bond" class="e-link">$BOND</a> to lower risk and generate actively managed income. Have a profitable day, and a good weekend Etorians! ... Show More
Fahad Alhajri
Fahad Alhajri @ALnayef
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أتداول علي العملات فقط لا أتداول علي الأسهم والسلع وأبحث عن الفرص الجيدة علي جميع العملات وأفضل التداول علي النيوزيلندي والأسترالي واليورو مقابل جميع العملات الاستراتجية العمل علي التحليل الفني والاساسي و سلوك العملات وتأثيرها عل العملات الاخري والعامل النفسي والصبر والهدوء والمرونة  ملاحظة انا هنا للتداول ولاستثمار والتجارة وليس للأقمار والحظ وكل ماكان المال المنسوخ كبير كل مكان الربح أكبر و أشكر الناسخين علي الثقة وهي مسؤولية كبيرة يجب علي المحافظة عليها وعدم التساهل في التداول وحفظ راس المال ... Show More
Tore Hakon Kjeldsen
Tore Hakon Kjeldsen @SpeculatorOslo
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@Aleksipu Hi, thank you for copying me. Please ask me if you have any questions ... Show More
Fabian Gerspacher
Fabian Gerspacher @FabianMarco
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Hello everyone, since march is already over it's time for the monthly summary as well as the numbers to the first quarter of this year. First I would like to just write down the data and then discuss them a little at the end of the post. First the data from march. In march we closed 22 trades with a total profit of 1,95%. Together with the overnightfees/refunds this results in an total realized profit of 2,07%. Most of this profit was achieved with Amazon, Wirecard and Google positions. In the first quarter of 2019 we closed a total of 62 positions with a nice profit of 6,05%. Together with the overnightfees/refunds we achieved a total realized profit of 6,78%. This gives us an average monthly profit of around 2,21% in the first three months of the year. Extrapolated to the whole year we would exactly hit the lower end of our 30-40% yearly profit goal with these average profit. Now to the analysis. All in all the I&#x27;m quite happy with the quartely numbers. A net profit of nearly 7% is pretty much in line with my profit goals for the year. And that with a risk score that was even slighly below 3 on average. Only the lower than expected unrealized profit of around 3% could be a bit better. But I expect the unrealized profit to reach the realized numbers at the end of the 3. quarter at the latest. Outlook to the rest of the year. For the next few months I&#x27;m expect to continue making part of the profit with stock positions, dividends and some currency positions. Trading most of the stock positions short to medium term and avoiding companies that focus on the european market, since the data already showing signs of a weakening economy there. But with the recent surge in most stock markets, while at the same time the earnings and revenue expectations of most companies have been revised downwards, one should also be cautious with stocks of companies that operate mainly outside the european market. The main events to keep an eye on, will be the brexit (which could slow down the european economy even more), the inverse yield curve for US bonds (usually a good indicator of an upcoming recession), the trade talks between US and China and the further actions of the central banks (I think it&#x27;s 50:50 right now that we will see the first rate cute from the fed this year). All in all my goal remains to make a yearly profit between 30 and 40%. The risk score should also stay between 2-4. FabianMarco ... Show More
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