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Paul Allen
Paul Allen @HappyApple84
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@alien2468 Thanks for the follow and welcome onboard! If you are not ready to copy me with real money just yet, then why not open up one in virtual money so that you can get a feel for my trading style and some confidence in my returns. I trade with my own money only so I am 110% dedicated to making consistent returns without taking any risks. Have a look at my stats, I am up over 130% over the last 12 months, with an average of 9% return per month. Additionally I have just been added into the Popular investor program, so if you are ready to copy now is the perfect time as I begin my journey to Elite status. Either way, here's to a great future trading together! Happy Trading! Paul ... Show More
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$OIL Please dont buy big leverage right now. It doesnt work like that. You need to wait for an opportunity. I will tell you when to buy ... Show More

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