Aradhana Marie  Clarke, ariclarke
Aradhana Marie Clarke
United Kingdom
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ATTENTION: We are aware of the recent increase in fake accounts/spammers following members of the community in an attempt to get their attention. We want to emphasize that this is the only action these spammers can take. They don’t have the ability to post on peoples’ feeds or market pages, and they pose no threat to your account or trading experience. These spammers can only post on their own profile feeds. The best way to deal with these accounts is to simply ignore them and we strongly advise against clicking on any links posted on their feeds. Meanwhile, we at eToro are working on a fix to prevent such accounts from getting your attention in any way. Thank you for your patience, The eToro Team. ... Show More
Aradhana Marie Clarke @ariclarke Bought $BTC @3718.52
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Just opened a position using 5.38% of my equity with X1 leverage. ... Show More
-101.38 (-1.79%)
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$XRP devra changer le nom en crypto titanic ... Show More
Alexander Raymond Limpkin @Nuggy1980
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What a beautiful sunny day in Essex! Outside with a beer watching $BTC and waiting for the US open $NSDQ100 :-) ... Show More