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Hello everyone, here's another Q & A post like promised. *Information to a webinar with me at the bottom* What's the minimum amount to copy? There is none (except the 200$ set by eToro). I know guys that started copying me with these 200$ and they never mentioned any problems with copying all my trades. In percentage terms, the profit is the same whether you copy me with 200 or 20.000 Dollar. For a long-term asset accumulation, however, I would recommend either to start with a higher amount or regularly add smaller amounts if that is possible for you. Similar to a savings plan, these deposits could accumulate a substantial amount of money along with the profits over time. What copy stop loss do you recommend? Since I'm a low risk trader it should be perfectly fine to set the copy stop loss to 80%. My highest yearly drawdown was around 15% so far (with a slightly higer risk score). So you should be safe with that 80%. When is the perfect moment to start copying? There is no perfect moment for that. Since I'm a long-term trader and planning to make steady profits in the future, it doesn't really matter when you start copying. In the long run the difference in performance will be quite small. However, if you are mainy interested in short to mid-term results it could be an advantage to use a temporary drawdown, like the one right now. But like I said the difference would be quite low in a long term view. What do you plan with your Natgas positions? The Natgas Positions are my high risk positions (if that's the right descriptions for positions with a leverage of only 2). That's because Natgas price is highly volatile and it is hard to predict in which direction it is heading. Right now, the fee structure changed a little bit earlier then I expected, so that we now have to pay for holding them open. But I'm still quite sure that it will be worth it to hold them just a little bit longer, since winter is still not over and I think that we will see a little run to the 3 area again. Especially since the gas storage is still 17.5% below the 5 year's average and probably will be even lower next week. At the end I want to inform you about a webinar, that will take place this tuesday. In a 30-minute interview, you will learn a little more about me, my strategy and my views on current market events. You are welcome to join. <a href="https://etoro.tw/2IdwtT4" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">etoro.tw/2IdwtT4</a> ... Show More