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Olivier Jean Andre Danvel @OlivierDanvel
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Dear investors, April’19 trading ended with +0,12% net profit. I don’t want to enter into trading details but I found this month very interesting. For people who are thinking “Drawdown” doesn’t exist, it does, it’s part of the trading. ANY position can’t be in Green all time. What differs a good from a bad trader, is the management of Drawdowns and doing it carefully as I did. Despite some pressure from few people, I finally got right on <a href="/markets/oil" class="e-link">$OIL</a>, $62-$65 was on my study as a selling area, it just took some time to realize. Also regarding pressure from people, that’s part of the game ok but you have to know that I’m first managing and trading my account then it’s replicated to YOUR account, so obviously I MUST be pro and serious to my commitment to earn money and make secure trading. The end of month was rock’n roll, I managed to finish green but I’m not happy with my results. Let’s take a breath and focus on the next battle : May’19 ! Remember : It’s the market which give you the opportunity to trade not your entry. If you copy me, please relax, don’t monitor each minute/day, I do handle that. Thank you for all of your encouragements, let’s rock in May’19 ! ... Show More