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$XRP Wann kommt eigentlich SBI ins Spiel? ✈️ ... Show More
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$XRP XRP just break below usd0.50. Now what? What position would you take? Please input your answer in this survey a) Enter now / keep buying average down b) Cut loss & exit c) Hold, and taking neither position d) Wait & see, should go down further ... Show More
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$XRP Anyone gain big so far? Feel free to share. ... Show More
Robert Brown
Robert Brown @Ooermissus
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$XRP $BTC After 6 months on etoro, one big lesson I've learned is that if you look at the history of crypto, it is a series of huge peaks and troughs. The Volatility in this market can take it really high very fast and down just as quick. Then, as this year has gone, it can remain negative for long peiods of time. I think, all you have to do is try to get in at as low a price as you can. There isn't really much else you can do. At one point, I was looking at the price every day, but there is actually no point whatsoever. Unless the market is in a huge swing up or down, it's better just forgotten about. Is there a point? I think there is. I've done it and I see a lot of other people doing the same. Looking at the price constantly, getting into arguments over nothing, reading and watching all the FOMO and the FUD and pretending you actually give a fuck about the technology when actually you know almost nothing. The next Bull Run will come. Take a big step back. I have. It's all just a big bunch of bullshit. If you got in well below the last ATH, you'll make a nice return eventually. The rest of this is just bollocks. ... Show More
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$XRP Goodbye. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride. ... Show More