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Ian Trevor Robinson
United Kingdom
My focus is on UK equities over a medium to long holding period although I do also look at short term macro swings in commodities, particularly Oil. I rarely trade fx as I don't tend to have a good feel for the direction it could take. I also take the occasional view on U.S equities although this tends to be the better known names such as Apple, Amazon etc. In a separate portfolio to this I am attempting to generate £1 million in an ISA. My trades, analysis and general rants can be viewed at www.theisamillionaire.com ... Show More
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Ian Trevor Robinson @Boman71 Bought $OIL @65.7
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Decided to jump back into Oil long - got out at around 71 on the way down having ridden it up from c.65 - obviously missed out on the best exit at around 75 but I'd moved my SL up to well into the money so I guess that's what they are there for. Oil is a tough one in the current environment and I don't have a great read on short term levels - but I do think we are going to see an 80 price level sooner than we will see 55. So I'm in a long - low leverage position for a 3-6 month view of a general upward trend (despite the pull back in recent couple of weeks). ... Show More
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$OIL selon mon analyse non technique je crois que le petrole va descendre aujourd'hui. J attend un bon moment pour ouvrir une vente. qui n'est pas d'accord avec moi? ... Show More
Ian Trevor Robinson @Boman71 Bought $GLEN.L @375.49
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Just opened a position using 4.72% of my equity with X5 leverage. ... Show More
Glencore Plc
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Ian Trevor Robinson @Boman71
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Oil. Took my long trade off at 70.72 having identified that at 72 it wasn't going to carry on going up at same rate. I didn't see it retracing to where it is now at just over 70. 70.72 was my stop loss level which I'd moved up as I went into the money so I'm out with a good profit from my entry point in the low 60s. I'm a long term bull on Oil so I'm not going to short it even though current momentum is downward. Equally I'm not sure now is the best time to re-enter. Arguing with momentum in my experience tends to get you burned. So I'm on the sidelines on this one for now waiting for the turn which I believe will come. My longer term view is that we will see Oil prices above $80 barrel before the end of 2018. When I see the momentum change I will therefore go long with low leverage to allow me to ride that price up without getting killed by the inevitable volatility. Sitting on the sidelines also feels like the right thing to do right now given the US/ North Korea issue and the OPEC discussions ongoing as well as the Iran / Israel / US sanctions question. The outcome of those negotiations could change the fundamental view of where Oil is going in the medium term, so having no money at risk during that period of uncertainty seems to work for me, allowing me to be more objective at a later date. ... Show More
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$OIL What the...?! I had a trailing SL set in green, yet my position was closed in the red. Any ideas as to the cause of this? I know it dropped like a stone but surely that isn't supposed to happen ... Show More