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$BYND (Beyond Meat Inc.) While I am glad so many people have made money on this stock I think it is going beyond ridiculous. Just some facts for everyone and to share my thoughts. Firstly, this stock will be around for a while it has a good idea and is hitting a growing market! However, the current valuation is stupidly high. If the company hits its yearly revenue stream of 210 million then shares are currently trading 30x higher than its revenue plus In 2018 this company made a loss of -$30m. While I like <a href="/markets/bynd" class="e-link">$BYND</a> I currently find the share price wayyy overvalued. ... Show More
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$BYND (Beyond Meat Inc.) I think this shit will drop hardly ... Show More
@Borain Bought $GOLD @1238.33
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Just opened a position using 90.55% of my equity with X10 leverage.l ... Show More
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Claude Michael Creevy @Rallek
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Hey all! Here are the pre-market prices for today(10/30/2018) - 43mins to open - *Stock Highlight* - $NVDA (NVIDIA Corporation) $189.00 (+1.82%) - *Stock Lowlight* - $EDIT (Editas Medicine Inc) $24.50 (-2.2%) - $AAPL (Apple) $213.19 (+0.45%); $AMAT (Applied Materials Inc) $31.48 (+1.16%); $AMD <a href="/markets/amd" class="e-link"> (Advanced Micro Devices Inc)</a> $16.90 (+0.3%); <a href="/markets/amzn" class="e-link">$AMZN (Amazon)</a> $1,531.10 (-0.51%); <a href="/markets/atvi" class="e-link">$ATVI (Activision Blizzard, Inc.)</a> $65.75 (+0.81%); <a href="/markets/baba" class="e-link">$BABA (Alibaba)</a> $134.54 (+0.87%); <a href="/markets/bidu" class="e-link">$BIDU (Baidu, Inc.)</a> $182.22 (+0.26%); <a href="/markets/cron" class="e-link">$CRON (Cronos Group Inc)</a> $6.80 (0%); <a href="/markets/edit" class="e-link">$EDIT</a> $24.50 (-2.2%); <a href="/markets/etsy" class="e-link">$ETSY (Etsy Inc)</a> $39.20 (+0.59%); <a href="/markets/fb" class="e-link">$FB (Facebook)</a> $142.50 (+0.29%); <a href="/markets/fslr" class="e-link">$FSLR (First Solar, Inc.)</a> $37.000 (+0.24%); <a href="/markets/gd" class="e-link">$GD (General Dynamics Corp)</a> $166.30 (-0.44%); <a href="/markets/goog" class="e-link">$GOOG (Alphabet)</a> $1,024.05 (+0.39%); <a href="/markets/ibm" class="e-link">$IBM (IBM)</a> $120.00 (+0.3%); <a href="/markets/intc" class="e-link">$INTC (Intel)</a> $45.75 (+0.77%); <a href="/markets/momo" class="e-link">$MOMO (MOMO Inc ADR)</a> $30.22 (+0.37%); <a href="/markets/msft" class="e-link">$MSFT (Microsoft)</a> $104.40 (+0.53%); <a href="/markets/mu" class="e-link">$MU (Micron Technology, Inc.)</a> $34.88 (+0.63%); <a href="/markets/nflx" class="e-link">$NFLX (Netflix, Inc.)</a> $285.05 (+0.07%); <a href="/markets/nvda" class="e-link">$NVDA</a> $189.00 (+1.82%); <a href="/markets/pypl" class="e-link">$PYPL (PayPal Holdings)</a> $81.60 (+0.55%); <a href="/markets/race" class="e-link">$RACE (Ferrari NV)</a> $115.11 (+0.08%); <a href="/markets/snap" class="e-link">$SNAP (Snapchat Inc)</a> $6.07 (+1.34%); <a href="/markets/sq" class="e-link">$SQ (Square, Inc.)</a> $67.80 (+0.77%); <a href="/markets/tsla" class="e-link">$TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.)</a> $335.00 (+0.04%); <a href="/markets/v" class="e-link">$V (Visa)</a> $134.66 (+0.25%); <a href="/markets/wdc" class="e-link">$WDC (Western Digital Corporation)</a> $41.75 (+0.48%); *Source: YahooFinance *Instagram:@RallekInvest *Twitter:@ClaudeCreevy ... Show More
@Borain closed a $PYPL buy position
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I just closed the trade at a loss of -2.61% ... Show More
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