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Risco máximo de 1,5% do capital por operação. Estratégia vencedora e com baixo risco. Me copie com dinheiro virtual e veja por sí próprio. Translate

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Soufian Rassili
Soufian Rassili @srassili
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Jeff Bezos Sold $1 Billion Worth of $AMZN (Amazon) Shares. This man is phenomenon. $NSDQ100 $DJ30 etoro.tw/2pOUqF5 ... Show More
Hamid Rowaihy
Hamid Rowaihy @Rowaihy
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@CustomerService $AUDUSD $EURUSD $GBPUSD $EURGBP @AnnieToro @Malsolo @berrau @Bigwinners @sameerah786 @hyperbird @tradingrelax @HedgeHappy @AnnaSerafini @roby26 @robysms61 @Alby75 @Jarodd76 @noasnoas @amstone @4exPirate @CatyFX @cookie79 @amstone @woron2008 @FCInvestment @Trex8u247 Sorry for copying you all but I am copying many popular investors on this so that they may sound their opinions to etoro if they agree with me We were informed that starting April the old web trader will not be available and only the new platform will be used Myself and many other traders use the old platform because the new platform lacks many features that are available only on the old platform such including but not limited to the following: 1- The old platform can sort open orders by all columns while the new platform cant 2- in the manual trading view of the new platform the pips column cannot be sorted 3- The old platform open trades view has 10 sort-able columns while the new one has only 9 columns some of which cannot be sorted like the old platform 4- The open orders page has no sort-able columns at all ... none of the columns are sort-able 5- the pips change column in the manual trading view in the new platform is not sortable like the old platform The above mentioned features in the old platform that are missing in the new one are very important to me and may be important to many active trader that open and close many trades every week and the new platform is not making it easier to open and maintain open orders by providing all the features available in the old platform so please make sure that the new platform can indeed mimic the old one and provide all the feature available in the old platform before forcing us to use the new platform ... Show More

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