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$TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) Tesla stock has received a notable vote of confidence from a massive financial conglomerate, with German banking giant $CBK.DE (Commerzbank AG) AG disclosing that it has doubled down on its stake in the electric car maker in Q2 2019. www.teslarati.com/tesla-tsla-shares-bought-by-german-banking-giant ... Show More
Lee Hargreaves
Lee Hargreaves @greavesy1984
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Waiting for another 3% lower on the $SPX500 (2600-2650 area) and I will start allocating the remaining funds in my account to stocks. Buy low! Buy low! Buy low! $FB (Facebook) $AMZN (Amazon) $AAPL (Apple) $GOOG (Alphabet) $NFLX (Netflix, Inc.) $MA (Mastercard) $NKE (NIKE) $NSDQ100 $GER30 $TSLA (Tesla <a href="/markets/tsla" class="e-link"> Motors, Inc.)</a> ... Show More
Vythialingam Ehampathasan Mohan
Vythialingam Ehampathasan Mohan @VEMohan3
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Good day Everyone, 1.Eurozone economy hit by manufacturing downturn The Eurozone economy ended the first quarter on a soft note as its flash purchasing managers’ index (PMI) ran at one of the lowest levels since 2014, pointing to meager first quarter growth of just 0.2%, according to a survey released Friday by IHS Markit. The bloc&#x27;s largest economies, Germany and France, both saw contractions in the manufacturing sectors. 2. Nike sinks 4% on disappointing North America sales Shares in Nike (NYSE: <a href="/markets/nke" class="e-link">$NKE (NIKE)</a>) sank more than 4% in pre-market trade on Friday after the world’s largest sportswear maker reported quarterly sales in North America, its largest market, that missed expectations. 3.Global stocks mostly lower as economic woes weigh A wave of risk-off sentiment swept through markets after signs of a further economic deterioration in Europe. while caution reigned ahead of high-level U.S.-China trade talks scheduled for next week. 4. U.K. granted short extension to avoid no-deal Brexit The tension over the U.K.’s upcoming departure from the European Union lifted ever so slightly as European leaders moved to stop a chaotic no-deal Brexit from happening next week. The EU has agreed to extend the current March 29 deadline to as far as May 22 if the British parliament approves the withdrawal deal next week. In a worst-case scenario, where U.K. politicians reject the deal for a third time, EU leaders will still allow a 2-week extension to April 12. &gt;&gt;&gt;My opinion Germany&#x27;s and France&#x27;s contractions in the manufacturing sectors and the economic deterioration in Europe won&#x27;t stop the US economic expansion. May be a slight dip today, till the US market open. Please note, my analysis is mainly for US stocks and Futures. *** Please note, these are my opinion, not an investment advice, do not copy based on my analysis. Please do your own research. Thanks*** <a href="/markets/jpn225" class="e-link">$JPN225</a> <a href="/markets/aus200" class="e-link">$AUS200</a> <a href="/markets/eustx50" class="e-link">$EUSTX50</a> <a href="/markets/esp35" class="e-link">$ESP35</a> <a href="/markets/fra40" class="e-link">$FRA40</a> <a href="/markets/usdollar" class="e-link">$USDOLLAR</a> <a href="/markets/dj30" class="e-link">$DJ30</a> <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> <a href="/markets/ger30" class="e-link">$GER30</a> <a href="/markets/uk100" class="e-link">$UK100</a> <a href="/markets/china50" class="e-link">$China50</a> <a href="/markets/eurusd" class="e-link">$EURUSD</a> <a href="/markets/usdcad" class="e-link">$USDCAD</a> <a href="/markets/usdchf" class="e-link">$USDCHF</a> <a href="/markets/usdcnh" class="e-link">$USDCNH</a> <a href="/markets/usdhkd" class="e-link">$USDHKD</a> <a href="/markets/usdjpy" class="e-link">$USDJPY</a> <a href="/markets/gbpusd" class="e-link">$GBPUSD</a> <a href="/markets/gbpjpy" class="e-link">$GBPJPY</a> <a href="/markets/gbpaud" class="e-link">$GBPAUD</a> <a href="/markets/gbpnzd" class="e-link">$GBPNZD</a> <a href="/markets/gbpcad" class="e-link">$GBPCAD</a> <a href="/markets/gbphuf" class="e-link">$GBPHUF</a> <a href="/markets/gbpchf" class="e-link">$GBPCHF</a> <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> <a href="/markets/oil" class="e-link">$OIL</a> Source; Bloomberg, Market watch, CNBC, Investopedia, Investing.com ========================================== If you like the info, please click “like” and add me to your &quot;watch list&quot; Feel free to check my profile and the stats. Have a good day. ========================================== ... Show More
Oluwatosin Israel Tokode
Oluwatosin Israel Tokode @oluisrel
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$SPX500 might make one last push for a new ATH next week but there is a setup in place for a correction. FULL analysis at www.tokode.com/ www.tradingview.com/x/esRRWKXt/ $NSDQ100 $GER30 $UK100 $China50 ... Show More
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Technical Analysis – $GBPUSD erases some losses GBP/USD has been moving higher since the rebound on the 21-month low of 1.2390 on January 3, creating a bullish tendency in the daily timeframe. To read the full analysis please visit econ-alerts.com/2019/03/gbpusd-erases-some-losses/ ... Show More

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