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Hey everyone, Just a quick thank you to everyone for copying me, both new and old. I just broke 15,000 copiers and $36,000,000 AUM. It really means a lot to have so many of you trusting me with so much money. In the past few months I've received more and more offers to consult or trade elsewhere, but eToro will remain my focus, you've all changed my life, as I hope I can change yours. This year has been mind-blowing for me, I was quietly trading for years before eToro pulled me into the PI program just over a year ago. Massive thanks to everyone involved. I'll be recording a special youtube video looking back at the year at some point during xmas. Just wanted to again say a massive thanks to <a href="/people/yoniassia" class="e-link">@YoniAssia</a> <a href="/people/matthewne" class="e-link">@matthewne</a> <a href="/people/annietoro" class="e-link">@AnnieToro</a> , Sam (don't know your username), <a href="/people/crembo" class="e-link">@crembo</a> <a href="/people/matigreenspan" class="e-link">@MatiGreenspan</a> and everyone else at eToro for building this insanely cool platform and somehow (just about) keeping up with the insane growth this year. The same goes for the community, some of my most loyal copiers including my dad <a href="/people/23andrewsmith" class="e-link">@23andrewsmith</a> my old boss <a href="/people/arcadizz1e" class="e-link">@Arcadizz1e</a> my old CEO <a href="/people/wizzouk" class="e-link">@wizzouk</a> my housemate <a href="/people/binlord" class="e-link">@Binlord</a> my girlfriends mum <a href="/people/paulaw42" class="e-link">@paulaw42</a> my best mate <a href="/people/chrisdb" class="e-link">@chrisdb</a> and some of my most insanely keen new friends and copiers, <a href="/people/pjau86" class="e-link">@pjau86</a> <a href="/people/funkybrown" class="e-link">@funkybrown</a> <a href="/people/criptosimon" class="e-link">@CriptoSimon</a> <a href="/people/luter82" class="e-link">@luter82</a> <a href="/people/ownzored" class="e-link">@ownzored</a> <a href="/people/twiggie28" class="e-link">@twiggie28</a> <a href="/people/tyrael9" class="e-link">@Tyrael9</a> <a href="/people/thomas370" class="e-link">@thomas370</a> <a href="/people/issuuu" class="e-link">@issuuu</a> <a href="/people/absyss" class="e-link">@Absyss</a> and the many others I forgot (sorry). Finally, the PI's I would now consider friends despite never meeting most of them. <a href="/people/liamdavies" class="e-link">@LiamDavies</a> <a href="/people/wesl3y" class="e-link">@Wesl3y</a> <a href="/people/colbymartin" class="e-link">@ColbyMartin</a> <a href="/people/goodgoing" class="e-link">@goodgoing</a> <a href="/people/stebliss" class="e-link">@stebliss</a> <a href="/people/mrthor7734" class="e-link">@MrThor7734</a> I imagine this post will get a lot of comments, to turn off notifications click the down arrow in the top right of the post then "turn off notifications for this post". <3 you all, thanks for an epic year. I'll be making a nice dragged out video saying essentially the same thing within the next couple of weeks. Enjoy your xmas, if in doubt just HODL or #buythedip. Remember, whenever <a href="/markets/dash" class="e-link">$DASH</a> is closed, we riot! #dashorriot. :) P.S. Please, if you want to copy me, read my bio. New trades, 200 min, 1000+ recommended, stay diversified! ... Show More
Off to Tel Aviv, see you all soon. Tomorrow I get to explore etoro offices. :). ... Show More
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@Wesl3y Hello Wes, I just stopped copying you, but want to re-copy with a similar amount of around $2k. Shall I reinvest now, tomorrow, next week for example? When is the best time to recopy? Best regards, Jase. ... Show More

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