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$BTC Less damaged/touched cryptos in the present dip (Jan 2018) $PPT $ETH $DCR $NEO $ZRX $KCN $DGD $VEN $LSK $EOS Of the above list, those with best return of investment during 2017: $NEO $DRC $LSK $ETH ... Show More
Thomas  Barson
Thomas Barson @MrThor7734
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Copier Update: Ok we have seen a down day in the markets today, Ignoring ATR and focusing on Daily returns the $NSDQ100 opened at 6399 on Tuesday and rose for 3 sessions finally closing a 6594 on Thursday in today's session we saw the index close at 6439 wiping out roughly 80% of the gains it took 3 days to make in a single session. This suggests to me that the sellers are still significantly stronger than the buyers. If each rally up gets smashed like this and perhaps then followed by more days of selling then the market is only going one way. So I am still short on the US indices <a href="/markets/spx500" class="e-link">$SPX500</a> <a href="/markets/nsdq100" class="e-link">$NSDQ100</a> <a href="/markets/dj30" class="e-link">$DJ30</a> and now also short on <a href="/markets/uk100" class="e-link">$UK100</a> and <a href="/markets/ger30" class="e-link">$GER30</a> Am still long on <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> and am also now long on <a href="/markets/silver" class="e-link">$SILVER</a> I continue to cut long exposure in equities cutting losses early but I know it hurts to see all these 5%-10% losses, But I have already explained over the last couple of weeks that I now believe that we are heading into a BEAR market and I have to unwind our long stock trades or else end up holding a big steaming bag of shit, pretty much like the cryptos. On the bright side we are now up to a huge 43% cash reserve and it will get even bigger before this situation ends. If what I believe is happening is happening then the bear market will continue to sell off the rallies just like the one we saw the last couple of days and continue to head lower and lower over the coming months. We will get an amazing opportunity to buy back in at the bottom eventually, and will have lots of liquidity to do so. Eventually the sell off&#x27;s will cause mass panic and then <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> and <a href="/markets/silver" class="e-link">$SILVER</a> will explode and we will do very well out of it. I want to reiterate a point I made a couple of days ago which is we are likely to see impressive rallies (suckers rallies) in a bear market and these will convince lots of optimistic traders to think we have bottomed out and will make the mistake of buying into them So as these rallies occur we will short them and then close out the dips. I have come in for a lot of criticism lately, with many telling me that &quot;your wrong the markets have bounced&quot;, &quot;this is not a bear market&quot;, &quot;You should buy the dip&quot;, &quot;stop shorting the markets&quot; etc etc. And I have to admit it has actually taken a bit of a toll on me and I have foolishly made silly mistakes like hedging the index shorts with single small buy trades which when what I think will happen actually happens and then I have to close it at a loss. Not any more, I know what I believe and I can see strong evidence for it and so will trade what I think is best, regardless of any nay sayers or die hard bulls that want me to take on long exposure in stocks. I will shift to commodity trading and currency trading in the mean time and avoid the stock market volatility. I accept that there is every chance I am wrong but the way I see it is in the long term we stand to lose a little if I&#x27;m wrong and gain a lot if I&#x27;m right, but most importantly we will protect ourselves if the worse case happens. Have a great weekend everyone. Take care. ... Show More
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$XRP is sinking till its reach to real value $0.10 cents ... Show More
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$XRP BTH ETH . . . ich sehe grün am Anfang des Tunnels ;) ... Show More