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Hey guys! I am here to invest in: - long crypto positions - successful investors with a proven track record across different risk profiles and asset classes (stocks/commodities/currencies/indices and cryptos) - to a lesser extend individual leveraged short-term stock trades in cases where I expect a short-term market correction Through this diversification I want to balance the portfolio, however due to the high allocation in cryptos my portfolio remains volatile and therefore it is reasonable to judge the long-term performance rather than daily gains/losses. My special interest is with xrp and I will try to specialize on this one particular crypto to be able to better understand the movements and update my flowers with the developments. ... Show More
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@danielHasin Bought $BABA @178.9
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Just opened a position using 1.82% of my equity with X5 leverage. ... Show More
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@danielHasin closed a $BABA buy position
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I just closed the trade at a profit of 72.39% ... Show More