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$XRP $GOLD Does anyone have any idea what time the market opens in the UAE? ... Show More
Jakub Kanera
Jakub Kanera @JakubKanera
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$GOLD TO 1100 NOW Looks like we might have just entered the 5th and most likely last wave of current bear trend (Elliott wave) before possible new bull run. If we go below 1192 we most likely re-test 1160 and eventually test 1130 and possibly even 1100. I guess we are only few candle sticks away from finding out which way market will go in upcoming weeks. Opposite scenario: The only thing that could save us now is if we get above 1220, that would mean we could be heading towards re-testing 1240 and if that resistance breaks a new UP trend would be confirmed. I suggest to watch <a href="/markets/platinum" class="e-link">$PLATINUM</a> closely on 1H chart, it has been more volatile in past days and you can clearly see the change of direction approx.1 hour earlier. If gold goes down most of the precious metals will follow <a href="/markets/silver" class="e-link">$SILVER</a> <a href="/markets/copper" class="e-link">$COPPER</a> , on the other hand <a href="/markets/oil" class="e-link">$OIL</a> would most likely go UP but a correction is overdue (visible MACD divergence on 1H chart). Of course if <a href="/markets/gold" class="e-link">$GOLD</a> goes down I expect <a href="/markets/usdollar" class="e-link">$USDOLLAR</a> going UP, the NAFTA conference tomorrow might speed things up. We have got the US - Mexico deal done, Canada does not have many options but one to join in. As always this is my personal opinion, not a trading advice. Be careful out there and good luck. <a href="https://etoro.tw/2Pm4uz1" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer ">etoro.tw/2Pm4uz1</a> ... Show More
Maarten Louis Wilbers
Maarten Louis Wilbers @mwilbers
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Closed one of two short postions in $GOLD because the price reached a trend line and has some equal move support. Not a bad trade though, about 2.5 R. ... Show More
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$BTC etoro.tw/2MLM8uv thanks ... Show More
Aleksandra Ewa Jensen
Aleksandra Ewa Jensen @RainbirdFx
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Just for your conveniance , I will send a link which will explain the different possibilities there are in the trade wars between the US and China and which scenarios could play out. The most important to read are the 3 different scenarios of which impact it will have on the markets and those start around the middle of the text. <a href="https://etoro.tw/2Q6oB5E" class="e-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer ">etoro.tw/2Q6oB5E</a> ... Show More